Easter in Stockholm 2017


Coincidently we ended up spending another Easter in Stockholm, so we thought it was appropriate to do a second Easter video of our stay in Stockholm to sequel the one from last year.

Due to having a new little baby we had a fairly low-key stay, mainly hanging out with family, eating smörgåstårta, and playing with Farmor and Farfar’s dogs.

Happy Easter!

Sophia and the white cherry tree

“The cherries are blooming!” is a sentence that can make me drop all my plans and whatever I’m doing in a heartbeat. So when I heard that Herbert Park had turned pink we hurried down there the first dry evening we could – that was last night.

You can imagine our disappointment when the park was all green and no pink. All we found was this solitary white tree that seemed to have outlived its comrades. It was so pretty though that soon we had forgotten about the others and spent our entire stay under these white blooms.

Of course, however, as soon as we arrived Emma announced that she was hungry, it was a little (more…)

St Patrick’s Day 2017

Last year we were out of town, so this was our first St Patrick’s Day in Ireland. Due to wet weather and not wanting to deal with two fussy little girls in big crowds of drunk people we decided to spend the day at home. But Marcus planned out some things we could do together and made it such a fun day for all of us. (more…)

The Birth Story – Baby #2

In all honesty, the reason why I haven’t gotten around to writing up this birth story till now is because every time I sat down to do it I ended up wasting my time reconsidering whether I should just skip it. Why you ask? Because compared to my labor with Sophia this was pretty boring and uneventful.

Well, obviously it wasn’t boring and it was definitely an event worth remembering. Which is why I am sitting down to document it anyway!

Also, we wanted to try putting together a video of the day she was born. But needless to say, we were a bit preoccupied and forgot to film half the time. But we will treasure forever these few clips that we did manage to get!

So, it was Monday morning two weeks ago and I was one day past my due date. I was very done being pregnant but was worried that I still had some time to go because I hadn’t had very strong Braxton Hicks, and still only when I was sitting or lying down. That’s why I knew something was up when in the shower I suddenly felt a subtle contraction. Too scared to jinx it by (more…)

On my way into your loving arms

I was just going through some pictures when I came across this oldie. Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts happened to be playing in the background and it just kind of set the mood for writing a little post.

This picture was taken almost exactly 4 years ago and is one of our engagement pictures. I had recently moved to Stockholm and we were almost 2 months from our wedding day when we got in the car and drove downtown to take these quick pictures in the freezing icy cold! Knowing exactly how cold we were and how numb my toes were I’m surprised how relaxed and happy we look! (more…)

37 weeks and the final count-down

I just had a moment where I realized that my lack of updates on this pregnancy is probably going to mean that once it’s over I won’t remember much of it. But in all honesty, this pregnancy has been so much more pleasant and uneventful than my last one. Weekly updates would’ve probably just bored everyone to tears.

But I can’t really complain about that! Next to my last pregnancy I’ve hardly been morning sick, I haven’t put on as much weight and especially this last month is so much less nerve-wracking. By this week last time I was hardly getting any sleep because I constantly felt restless, claustrophobic and extremely tingly and itchy all over my body. I couldn’t WAIT to get that baby out!

This time the only real thing that is bothering me is my pelvis that just seems to get more and more (more…)

Is being a stay-at-home mom enough?

I just wanted to share a few thoughts about an issue I’ve been dealing with lately.

So, it has always been my ambition to be a stay-at-home mom. (I know, can that really be an ambition? All I know is, it certainly won’t happen if you don’t strive for it.) Throughout my entire life my own mom has been a walking and talking example of the power of the mother in the home, and I, being her eldest child, got a front-row view of all the ups and downs that came with it. The steep finances to the extra comfort at home. Her hard work within those walls made our house a magical place and it became my dream to someday (more…)

Back to school, Mama!

I was just scrolling through my Instagram feed and came across a post I had written last year on the topic of my lack of education. It brought a smile to my face because I’m happy to say that just a few months later I was able to go back to school.

In September last year I started my first semester of what is called the Pathway program. It is in collaboration with BYU-Idaho and helps you qualify for their online degrees without having to attend the school on campus beforehand. So hopefully after three semesters of doing Pathway I will be able to finally start working towards (more…)

I don’t blog because my life is perfect

Getting deeper and deeper into the blogging world both as a blogger and as a follower, I am coming to see the negative sides of sharing portions of your life online. You may have noticed too how people are getting more critical and skeptical of content being real or staged. On the flip-side I’ve also noticed people (myself included) feeling pressured to live up to ideals they see in people they follow.

A bold article about the concept of Lifestyle Porn has been going around my Facebook feed lately.

Don’t Google it! Just click here if you want to read it!
The concept connects the unreal and addictive ideal of pornography to bloggers’ and influencers’ picture-perfect lifestyles. Essentially it claims that lifestyle bloggers can have as (more…)

Sophia sayings

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

For more than six months I’ve been wanting to make a video of Sophia pronouncing her most common words and sentences. I’ve of course never gotten around to it and every time I’ve gotten the camera out to do it she hasn’t been in the mood.

So this is hopefully just a placeholder, but at least it’s written down and posted to the immortal internet never to be forgotten, right? (more…)