Introducing Marcus

Hey! I’d really like for you to meet my husband Marcus. So let’s make it happen!

When you meet Marcus, the very first thing you’ll notice (apart from his astonishingly good looks) is how incredibly friendly and easy-going he is. After shaking your hand he’ll instantly strike up an easy conversation, asking how you are and how you’re liking your day. If you ask about his hobbies, interests or simply what he does (be warned) the conversation will immediately turn to business. If you show interest he’ll eagerly fill you in on what he has recently learned in his entrepreneurial class and maybe even modestly tell you a little about projects he has started up himself. Perhaps he’ll tell a little about the bands that he manages or his great interest in the music business and how he got involved with it. You’ll notice from his enthusiasm that he is ambitious, has high goals and that he’s prepared to take up any new challenge that comes along to test his knowledge.

If you then ask about his family life his enthusiasm will drop to a gentle voice as he talks of his parents and siblings and his growing up in Sweden – you’ll be suppressing a smile from the sweet way he talks about his wife. (Ü) Then, bashfully, he will apologize for babbling and hastily ask what you do for a living.

Later, as the conversation comes to a close he’ll politely excuse himself and express his appreciation for having met you. When he walks in the door at home he’ll only pause to take off his shoes before he crosses the floor to take me in his arms. He’ll say he has missed me and ask me how my day has been. He’ll sit down and listen to me and pay close attention to my mood. If I’m showing any sign of being upset with something he’ll grab my arms and say that since I’m not happy he will have to eat my nose. He’ll open his mouth wide and the following wrestling match will often result in the both of us laughing our heads off.

Throughout the evening he’ll teasingly speak or sing in Danish either imitating a husky voiced drunkard or a stammering 3 year old. He’ll spend some time sending emails and searching the web for his next business idea. He might try to eat my nose again and he’ll tell me he loves me once or twice.. or thrice. If we later put on an episode of our current tv-show he’ll fall asleep on the couch and I’ll stop watching the show and start watching Marcus sleep instead, getting lost in thought of how insanely lucky I am to be married to such a wonderful man.

Someway somehow I managed to… coincidently (?) run into this amazing young man last summer. Unbelievably, he asked me out on a date and within a few months he also asked me to marry him. He is my best friend, my perfect match and the best husband I could ever have wished for.