Pregnancy, Goldman Sachs, and enjoying last month in Hawaii

photo 4 (8).jpg.jpgYHAs I’ve been a lazy slob posting on the blog the last two months there is naturally more than just the pregnancy that has happened.

Another exciting thing is that Marcus was offered the internship with Goldman Sachs in Salt Lake City for this summer. He really worked hard to get it and I’m so proud of him! And what a great opportunity! Talk about a door opener! So there’s a lot of paper work to do, a lot of details to sort out and a lot of decisions to be made before we can say that we are going for sure, but we certainly hope so.

Otherwise Marcus is slaving away the days at school and now that my morning sickness is slowly passing I can go back to having a life outside of these four walls again. I don’t know how strongly I’ve expressed this before but our apartment is such a positive surprise! We have had not a single roach since the day we moved in! I don’t know how much credit we can take for this (throughout my morning sickness I’ve needed to keep food next to my bed at night, so probably not) or how much we owe to our home pest control spray from Target or how much is pure luck or answered prayers. Also this apartment seems to have a feature that few others in the building have – a perfect constant breeze blowing in and out all day cooling the place down enough that our two fans rarely are necessary.

As our time in Hawaii is coming to a close we feel almost a little panicky about all the things we haven’t seen and tried yet. We frantically try to fit in beaching whenever possible and Marcus finally went surfing. We’re gonna keep trying to make these last weeks count!

photo 1 (12).jpg.jpgYHMy debut back in the real world eating food that wasn’t absolutely safe. The big portions at the Cheesecake Factory surprise us every time.

photo 2 (14).jpg.jpgYHWe tried this!

photo 3 (11).jpg.jpgYHWe had a few friends over for dinner and one of the girls brought homemade Danish pastries! I was pretty excited. Thanks again Cinthya!

photo 5 (2).jpg.jpgYHMy handsome hub at our return to Haleiwa Bowls. So good!