Lovely ladies

IMGYHjpgYesterday was pretty glorious in the most genuine of ways. I have learned that after being married for a year’s time – and especially when you moved half way around the world and had a lifestyle where you pretty much spent every waking (and sleeping) moment together- you grow quite accustomed to just being around each other, and you’re okay with it… You almost feel like you don’t need anyone else in your everyday life to function. You don’t miss your family too terribly much because you have Skype and Facebook and what not… And to be honest, it’s pretty impossible to ever feel lonely because you have each other.
And then suddenly a day turns up like yesterday and it is all turned upside down and you don’t know how to feel anymore.
Not to brag or anything, but I’d say I have a family of very tough strong and beautiful amazing women. My grandmother, a gorgeous woman with back bone like you won’t believe, I have unfortunately only had the privilege of spending precious little time with growing up, as I was born and raised on a different continent. My mother, who I look up to in any and every way possible, I have been separated from for over a year. And my sister and best friend (except for you Marcus) has been away serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for the past 9 months and so I have been limited to having very little contact with her.
Yesterday, all of these sweet girls were gathered in one place… with me! Oh joy! Ask me if that made me realize that there certainly are other people that I wish I had around every day. Yes, I did! combine_imagesk It was such a beautiful day and we had all planned to meet on Temple Square. I walked there with my mom. Next came my grandma and lastly my sister with her companion. There were lots of hugs laughter among the pink and purple flowers. It was pretty idyllic, I must say. We spent the next hours touring the Square. Though Jessica was giving the tour, we talked about a lot of other things as well and tried to catch up on what we had all been up to for the past six years when we were last united all of us.
After a while my sister and her companion had to leave to go back to work, so my mom and grandma and I went out for lunch. (We went to Blue Lemon, I highly recommend if you’re ever in Salt Lake!) It is really incredible how three people with such different ages and lives can have so much to talk about! It was so easy and simple. There really is nothing like family.
I feel so blessed to have women in my life that I love and who love me and that teach me so much about living a beautiful and happy life. I feel blessed to have women like that to pattern myself after and to strive to become similar to.
I love you, girls!