Baby girl is 18 months!

I have been a mother for 18 months. I seriously feel like I should be going on 30 when I watch this little squirt bouncing off the walls. I swear the experience of motherhood + marrying someone a few years older has made my mental age skip ahead a good five years… And for some reason I still can’t believe I’m already turning 25.

I usually don’t really notice her growing and when her grandparents marvel at how big she’s getting I usually just laugh and shake my head. And then there’s usually a day when I suddenly see the light.
We’re in Stockholm on vacation and I had one of those moments when I watched her sitting in my mother-in-law’s lap. With my mental eye I remembered how much smaller and slightly less attentive she’d been just 2,5 months ago. The difference was startling.





I could write a long post about everything she’s doing, saying and misunderstanding but to avoid my getting carried away in never ending blabberings I’ll put together a short list instead.

  1. Her most girly attribute to this day is her love for shoes. She wears buckets, boxes and anything with a handle as hand bags and loves draping stuff over her head, but nothing gets her quite as excited as a new pair of shoes. Several times a day she goes to find her own, mine or Marcus’ shoes to try on. Sometimes she makes me try on my own shoes. One time when we were at a friends’ house she stole another little girl’s shoes and came trotting into the room, with the sneakers on the right feet and everything, happy as a clown!
  2. I mentioned this in a recent Instagram post but I have to bring it up again. This girl is a jumper! She jumps off anything and everything she can manage to climb up on – which is a LOT of things these days! She’s learned to build up the moment by counting to three before she leaps into our arms, but lately it has become more of a warning to Mama in the other room that she’s about to take flight. Often times Mama has to run like crazy sending the laundry she was putting away flying to go catch her triumphantly falling little girl.
  3. Both mine and Marcus’ mom agreed that age 1,5 – 2 was the most difficult when it came to toddlers. The unanimous vote made me brace myself and with good reason. Is it possible for a toddler to have constant PMS? Cause I think mine does. One second she’s laughing and singing as happy as a puppy with two tails! and a second later she’s bawling for no apparent reason and just needs to snuggle up close on the couch for a few minutes. I wouldn’t say they’re actual melt-downs because I feel like I can control it pretty well if I act quickly … just hoping it’s not about to get even worse..
  4. She dances. And loves it. Whether it’s busting her own moves or when Papa picks her up and she wraps her left arm around his neck and neatly puts her right hand in his, it is the BEST!
  5. So this is her most recent party trick. Or mine and Marcus’ rather. I feel a little sorry for putting her on the spot but the thing is she can’t say ‘water’. For some reason whenever we ask her to say it she just makes a throaty gurgling kind of sound – kind of like a purr or growl. Why? No idea. But it always makes everyone laugh when she gets thirsty during dinner.
  6. Mana-mana has for a long time been her word for ‘banana’. So one day I thought it might be fun to show her the Muppet Show video on youtube. And she loooooves it. In fact, she loved it so much that we had to ban it after a week because only letting her watch it 10 times in a row was just barbaric she thought.
  7. Love Taza has been my favorite blog to follow for a while. And it seems it has now also become my daughter’s favorite tv show. I’m not sure if it’s the music, the cute kids or all the general happiness but she will never ever get tired of those vlogs!
  8. She imitates like she is getting paid for it! Words, gestures, dances, melodies, you name it! She lays down and does leg lifts with me. She tries so hard to jump because she saw her friend do it. She shouts out words she recognizes from tv shows or songs. I admire her so much for trying so hard to learn every single day. It’s so inspiring to watch!

Happy 18 months, Sweetheart!