Say “cheeeeese!” – our weekend adventures


This post is actually about our rainy weekend trip with our friends. But I decided to rename it when I went through our pictures and noticed that every other picture was of our baby smiling involuntarily at the camera. Haha! She just learned that day how to smile on command and she spent the rest of the drive showing off her new skill!

Our friends from Sweden came for the weekend and I’m so sad that we were so unlucky with the weather. We rented a car and had planned out places to go but in the end it was mostly a long wet car ride and some warming up in pubs. I guess that’s Ireland for ya.
But it was a great opportunity to bring out the over-sized rain clothes.. (see above).


(…. and below!)




This picture is so so blurry (due to sitting in a dark dark pub on a rainy day) and the angle is terrible because you can only see the rice. BUT I had to put it in, and especially so I don’t forget myself, that the chili beef ragout at the McGills pub at the Powerscourt Hotel is really really good!


The first smile caught on camera! This new ability is going to revolutionize my photography!

Also, I just need to add that the red nose is due to her throwing herself toward the computer and eventually smacking her face on it. I did not punch my child.





Another smile. It’s funny how proud she gets for doing something right and making everyone laugh and clap!


Hahaha! She got a little silly towards the end.


When the rain finally stopped we went to Killiney Hill because this view…
It was really foggy but in some ways it really added to the beauty. Last time we went it was so beautiful in the sunset and you could see a bit farther.


Still got it!