A Saturday without plans


We’ve been trying to eat much healthier this year by swapping sweets and fats for greens and .. greens. And it’s going surprisingly well. It’s incredible what major changes you can make in your life with the right attitude. A strategy that has helped me a LOT is simply asking myself what I really feel like eating if I’m completely honest. By taking a step back and pondering that for a minute I allow myself to remember that heavy sluggish feeling I get when I eat unhealthily and how fresh and energized I feel when I don’t. And I usually arrive at bell peppers. Is there any food that can make you feel more fresh than bell peppers??

Anyway, this past Saturday we woke up and didn’t have any plans. And so instead of losing my head over all the things we could go spend money on, I applied my food strategy.

So we ended up going for a walk around Grafton Street and St Stephen’s Green. It was supposed to rain but other than a shower of hail we were lucky.


I love Grafton Street now that winter is over for good. It’s buzzing with people talking, eating food, street musicians and performers, and flowers!



She loves to say, cool! and nice! so it’s time to perfect the thumbs-up.


We tried this gelato place that I’ve only passed a million times on days I couldn’t have it. It’s hard for Marcus and I to share any ice cream because he likes the fruity and I’ll never waste my money on something that doesn’t have chocolate. So here’s a scoop of Apple Pie for Marcus and Snickers for me!



It’s mainly when Marcus takes pictures of me (from above, cause he’s taller) that I really see how short I actually am. I don’t really think of myself as short otherwise..
Also, you may have seen me complain about it on Instagram, but as of late the stroller has become the seat of all hell and fire and brimstone etc. She will not remain seated please and keeps freeing her arms and standing up. Other than constant influx of snacks the only solution I’ve found so far is lying her down on her back – which she obviously does not like.


Poor baby…


In the end we usually give up and let her out.


This time of year is so awesome when everything is a little greener every day!