What we did when the grandparents came for the weekend


Marcus’ parents came to visit last week. It was the first time they came to visit us here in Ireland and it’d been a few months since we’d last been to see them. They first and foremost came to play with Sophia of course, but we also wanted to show them a little of the city and Ireland while they were here. The only trouble was that the weather forecast promised rain for the entire weekend.

Marcus laughs at me when I say this, but I pride myself in being able to interpret the iPhone weather app and predict exactly how it will unfold in Irish weather.

Rule of thumb #1: Less than 50% chance of rain is basically no rain at all.

Rule of thumb #2: If you’re looking at the forecast more than 3 hours ahead it is likely that precipitation will be postponed an hour.

Rule of thumb #3: Don’t even bother checking the forecast more than 24 hours ahead of time. It’s completely unreliable.

You’re welcome.


Based on the forecast this weekend it seemed that rain was very likely, so we decided to try to stay fairly close to home just in case. Anticipating the excitement and fascination of our 1 year old we went to check out Dublin Zoo.


And here it is, plain on her face!
Just after this picture was taken she crouched down and petted the sheep through the fence. The sheep reacted by wiggling it’s long ear, which made Sophia laugh so hard that she decided to make a show of it and dramatically staggered backwards and fell flat on her back.





As unprepared as I can sometimes be I forgot to bring snacks to keep her happy in the stroller. Consequently we pooled our coins and got some chocolate from a vending machine, and here she is happy and content.

The Dublin Zoo is nice and big and the perfect place to take a toddler who just wants to run around. We will be back!

Just outside the zoo we stopped at this cute little place called Tea Rooms. Cute through and through!








Wrapped up and snug ready to go home!

The next day we went down to Dun Laoghaire for a walk on the pier. It’s become one of our favorite places to go and is beautiful no matter the weather. This time we even went all in and got a 99 at Teddy’s Ice-cream. It’s a simple soft serve cone with a chocolate Flake – and I don’t know how it got so famous.

We wrapped up the day with a muscle-burning walk up Killiney Hill!