37 weeks and the final count-down

I just had a moment where I realized that my lack of updates on this pregnancy is probably going to mean that once it’s over I won’t remember much of it. But in all honesty, this pregnancy has been so much more pleasant and uneventful than my last one. Weekly updates would’ve probably just bored everyone to tears.

But I can’t really complain about that! Next to my last pregnancy I’ve hardly been morning sick, I haven’t put on as much weight and especially this last month is so much less nerve-wracking. By this week last time I was hardly getting any sleep because I constantly felt restless, claustrophobic and extremely tingly and itchy all over my body. I couldn’t WAIT to get that baby out!

This time the only real thing that is bothering me is my pelvis that just seems to get more and more painful each week. Which essentially means I can’t walk farther than to the store and my doctor’s downstairs (yes, so lucky they’re both so close!). And by now Sophia probably thinks I’m the most boring mom in the entire world. Today I just craved fresh air so much that we bundled up and had lunch out on our balcony even though it was just 12°C.

But I think the biggest difference with this pregnancy is how incredibly excited I am to give birth so I can finally hold our baby girl. I realize now how little I understood last time just how much joy having a baby would bring to our family. Now I know how many laughs, kisses and what indescribably deep love will come of all of the pain that’s coming that I almost don’t even care – it’s all going to be so worth it.

We’re ready for you, Baby!