Sophia and the white cherry tree

“The cherries are blooming!” is a sentence that can make me drop all my plans and whatever I’m doing in a heartbeat. So when I heard that Herbert Park had turned pink we hurried down there the first dry evening we could – that was last night.

You can imagine our disappointment when the park was all green and no pink. All we found was this solitary white tree that seemed to have outlived its comrades. It was so pretty though that soon we had forgotten about the others and spent our entire stay under these white blooms.

Of course, however, as soon as we arrived Emma announced that she was hungry, it was a little too cold to not wear our coats and Sophia was too excited to have the park to ourselves that she started running and hardly stopped till it was time to go home. So we ditched our original plans of pink family pictures and I settled down on a bench to feed Emma while Marcus grabbed the camera and set our in pursuit of Sophia.

Outings like these hardly ever turn out the way we plan anymore. But I think we are getting better at making the most of it anyway.