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10 things I love about our life in Hawaii

In no specific order…!

1. Sunrise – sunset. Sunrise – sunset

Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous during the day but when the sun disappears or appears over the horizon it becomes absolutely breathtaking! After seeing the first sunrise on our first morning here I loved it so much I told Marcus I wanted to see every sunrise the next 8 months (- it didn’t happen). We love going for evening walks up to the temple when the sun is going down and the sky is bright orange on the mountains. (more…)

Thank goodness for good friends!

Coming to Hawaii was something else. We were dropped off at our new apartment at 6 in the morning. New to the village. New to the island. New to the Pacific even. Far far away from anything familiar. Having travelled from the opposite side of the world we didn’t exactly feel at home at first. So what do you do when you can’t go back home? You bring a bit of home over for a week. (more…)

Introducing Marcus

Hey! I’d really like for you to meet my husband Marcus. So let’s make it happen!

When you meet Marcus, the very first thing you’ll notice (apart from his astonishingly good looks) is how incredibly friendly and easy-going he is. After shaking your hand he’ll instantly strike up an easy conversation, asking how you are and how you’re liking your day. If you ask about his hobbies, interests or simply what he does (be warned) the conversation will immediately turn to business. (more…)

Toe curlers – by a newbie Hawaiian

Something we heard a lot from people when we announced that we were moving to Hawaii was, “Hahaha! You are gonna die of island fever before you last 8 months!”. We shook our heads and smiled. We didn’t think being far away from any sort of mainland would affect us. How bad could it be living within walking distance of the beach with beautiful summer weather all year round?

Well we haven’t experienced island fever yet (ask me what I think in 6 months though) but rather I’ll admit to having been hit by culture shock. Coming from Scandinavia there are just certain things you’re not used to having to worry about. Here are my main toe curlers as a newbie Hawaiian. (more…)

First month of Hawaii adventure… in pictures!

Figured the best way to open up our little Hawaiian world is to give an illustrated summary of our settling in and what we’ve been doing. Here goes!

We arrived one early early morning in the airport in Honolulu. A couple we had befriended through Facebook over the summer were ever so kind as to pick us up at 5am and drive us back to the little apartment that would be our new home. Though we had been flying all night the drive up the coast of Oahu was so breathtakingly beautiful that we did not fall asleep in the car. (more…)

A blog is born!

Hello world!

What a fun feeling to call out over the internet not knowing how far the sound will reach…

My name is Rebecca and I am a 21 year old Danish girl who recently left her home and country to  marry the guy of her dreams. That guy’s name is Marcus. He swept me off my feet last year and asked me to marry him and come live with him in Sweden. (more…)