The Birth Story – Baby #2

In all honesty, the reason why I haven’t gotten around to writing up this birth story till now is because every time I sat down to do it I ended up wasting my time reconsidering whether I should just skip it. Why you ask? Because compared to my labor with Sophia this was pretty boring and uneventful.

Well, obviously it wasn’t boring and it was definitely an event worth remembering. Which is why I am sitting down to document it anyway!

Also, we wanted to try putting together a video of the day she was born. But needless to say, we were a bit preoccupied and forgot to film half the time. But we will treasure forever these few clips that we did manage to get!

So, it was Monday morning two weeks ago and I was one day past my due date. I was very done being pregnant but was worried that I still had some time to go because I hadn’t had very strong Braxton Hicks, and still only when I was sitting or lying down. That’s why I knew something was up when in the shower I suddenly felt a subtle contraction. Too scared to jinx it by (more…)

37 weeks and the final count-down

I just had a moment where I realized that my lack of updates on this pregnancy is probably going to mean that once it’s over I won’t remember much of it. But in all honesty, this pregnancy has been so much more pleasant and uneventful than my last one. Weekly updates would’ve probably just bored everyone to tears.

But I can’t really complain about that! Next to my last pregnancy I’ve hardly been morning sick, I haven’t put on as much weight and especially this last month is so much less nerve-wracking. By this week last time I was hardly getting any sleep because I constantly felt restless, claustrophobic and extremely tingly and itchy all over my body. I couldn’t WAIT to get that baby out!

This time the only real thing that is bothering me is my pelvis that just seems to get more and more (more…)

Sophia sayings

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For more than six months I’ve been wanting to make a video of Sophia pronouncing her most common words and sentences. I’ve of course never gotten around to it and every time I’ve gotten the camera out to do it she hasn’t been in the mood.

So this is hopefully just a placeholder, but at least it’s written down and posted to the immortal internet never to be forgotten, right? (more…)

Dreamy fall, dreamy pregnancy

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Nobody blink! Or this beautiful fall weather might disappear and it’ll be wet, dark and naked winter before we know it!

It’s a good thing this winter will be full of good things to celebrate to distract us from the bleak weather. Winter means Christmas, New Years, my birthday (!), and our little Miss Number Two will be making her grand – hopefully quick – entrance!

Can I also point out that I am experiencing a dream pregnancy without the jinx fairies breaking the spell? (the word ‘jinx’ just has to go with pixies right?) I don’t know if the differences are mainly due to environmental changes though. I realize, that last time I was this pregnant I was living on a hill during the heat of summer in Salt Lake City. But when I read my 25 week blogpost I (more…)

A Baby Bundle for Baby

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As you may have seen we found out earlier this week that another little girl will be joining our family in a few months! We are all so excited and Sophia is speedily learning to call the bump “baby sister”.
Knowing that we are having a little girl makes everything so much more real. I can’t stop paying a little closer attention to all the baby items I pass in stores, and I’m just so excited to get our home ready for the arrival of our daughter #2!

So when Boots Ireland sent this My Baby Bundle package I just thought it was perfect timing. It’s full of diapers, wipes, teethers, bubble bath, body wash, eye gel etc. I love boxes like these because they’re such a great little first-aid kit to newborn parenting because they’re full of all the little things for baby and Mama that you probably wouldn’t think of buying until you actually really needed them. And trust me, that happens a lot more often than you might think.

This goes out to all my local Irish readers. The My Baby Bundle will be given to any customer who spends €30 or more on baby products in-store, and the campaign only lasts until October 18th! So if you have any baby shopping to get done this week, you might as well do it at Boots and get something extra out of it, right?

*Sponsored by Boots Ireland*

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Gender reveal: the actual reveal

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The ultrasound we had been waiting for for so long finally came on Monday. And as soon as it was over I felt bored that the next big thing to look forward to isn’t till the baby actually comes. It’s incredible how quickly you can get ungrateful…

But I think it was because I wasn’t surprised at all when they told us what gender it is. I think we’d both been expecting in the back of our heads that it was.. A GIRL!!  (more…)

Gender Reveal: the build-up

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So yeah I’m totally drum-rolling this post. I have my ultrasound next week so hopefully this post will have a follow-up in a week.

The pregnancy has gone so well so far. Compared to my pregnancy with Sophia I was hardly morning sick and I’m hardly putting on any weight. So far this is pretty much a dream pregnancy.

(Which just makes me brace myself for the worst delivery ever…)

So, naturally everyone is calling it a boy. Most people get this matter-of-fact look on their face and sneakily share their wisdom that I am carrying a boychild – as if they were the first ones to crack the case – or rather make the assumption. Good job!

And who knows. They may be right. Now is probably not the best time for me to say that I’d probably still be more surprised if it’s not a girl?
All you oracles out there, hold your breath. I don’t give mother’s intuition much credit about stuff like this.

So we’ll just have to wait and see!

Baby #2 is on its way!


I let the secret out on Instagram and Facebook a couple of days ago that I am expecting! Our new little family member is due February and so I’m just about to finally flee the first trimester.

I say flee because the first trimester is of course never fun – but in truth the past three months were no where near is bad (like not even anywhere close) as it was last time around. When I was pregnant with Sophia I spent those terrible weeks pretty much exclusively indoors and horizontal force feeding myself bananas, raisins and risengrød.
So this time I braced myself for the week 6 trauma, cleaning the toilet every day just in case, but all that came was mild nausea, loss of appetite and real fatigue. I’ve been able to keep on with my life and thankfully to go on our (more…)

Baby girl is 18 months!

I have been a mother for 18 months. I seriously feel like I should be going on 30 when I watch this little squirt bouncing off the walls. I swear the experience of motherhood + marrying someone a few years older has made my mental age skip ahead a good five years… And for some reason I still can’t believe I’m already turning 25.

I usually don’t really notice her growing and when her grandparents marvel at how big she’s getting I usually just laugh and shake my head. And then there’s usually a day when I suddenly see the light.
We’re in Stockholm on vacation and I had one of those moments when I watched her sitting in my mother-in-law’s lap. With my mental eye I remembered how much smaller and slightly less attentive she’d been just 2,5 months ago. The difference was startling.

IMG_1231 (more…)