Sophia and the white cherry tree

“The cherries are blooming!” is a sentence that can make me drop all my plans and whatever I’m doing in a heartbeat. So when I heard that Herbert Park had turned pink we hurried down there the first dry evening we could – that was last night.

You can imagine our disappointment when the park was all green and no pink. All we found was this solitary white tree that seemed to have outlived its comrades. It was so pretty though that soon we had forgotten about the others and spent our entire stay under these white blooms.

Of course, however, as soon as we arrived Emma announced that she was hungry, it was a little (more…)

St Patrick’s Day 2017

Last year we were out of town, so this was our first St Patrick’s Day in Ireland. Due to wet weather and not wanting to deal with two fussy little girls in big crowds of drunk people we decided to spend the day at home. But Marcus planned out some things we could do together and made it such a fun day for all of us. (more…)

Ireland, it’s been a great year

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Exactly one year ago today I walked down a now very familiar street for the first time to wait outside some now very familiar buildings after Marcus’ first day at his new job. With his dream company. The job that made us pack up our very worn down suitcases once again and make the move to Ireland; a country we had never before set foot in and had no connections with.

We arrived that Sunday morning in January in the Dublin Airport. Cold, excited but nervous. The following two weeks we would spend in a little hotel room, Marcus, learning the ups and downs of his new position, me, running the usual moving-in errands around the city, Sophia, completely clueless yet excited about her new surroundings.

About a week into our new adventure we got the keys to the apartment we have called home the last (more…)

Enjoying the Dublin heat wave


We’re “suffering” from a heat wave here in Dublin. It’s been 20-21 degrees the last few days and apparently it may not happen again. So we’ve made it an extra high priority to be outside.

Last Saturday we decided to go up to Howth. It’s a cute little fishing town on the cliffs north of the city. On our way up there we suddenly noticed that we were on the wrong train and had to get off and catch a train to go back a few stops. When it was already too late we found out that we’d gotten on a fast train back to Dublin. *Facepalm* Although for a second there Marcus was thinking about giving up we finally boarded the right train and got to Howth a few hours later than expected. It was a good thing we were with good friends and could laugh about it right away.
But we agreed that it was totally worth the hassle. Howth is full of small streets and sail boats and the evening sun only made (more…)

What we did when the grandparents came for the weekend


Marcus’ parents came to visit last week. It was the first time they came to visit us here in Ireland and it’d been a few months since we’d last been to see them. They first and foremost came to play with Sophia of course, but we also wanted to show them a little of the city and Ireland while they were here. The only trouble was that the weather forecast promised rain for the entire weekend.

Marcus laughs at me when I say this, but I pride myself in being able to interpret the iPhone weather app and predict exactly how it will unfold in Irish weather.

Rule of thumb #1: Less than 50% chance of rain is basically no rain at all.

Rule of thumb #2: If you’re looking at the forecast more than 3 hours ahead it is likely that (more…)

A Saturday without plans


We’ve been trying to eat much healthier this year by swapping sweets and fats for greens and .. greens. And it’s going surprisingly well. It’s incredible what major changes you can make in your life with the right attitude. A strategy that has helped me a LOT is simply asking myself what I really feel like eating if I’m completely honest. By taking a step back and pondering that for a minute I allow myself to remember that heavy sluggish feeling I get when I eat unhealthily and how fresh and energized I feel when I don’t. And I usually arrive at bell peppers. Is there any food that can make you feel more fresh than bell peppers??

Anyway, this past Saturday we woke up and didn’t have any plans. And so instead of losing my head over all the things we could go spend money on, I applied my (more…)

Say “cheeeeese!” – our weekend adventures


This post is actually about our rainy weekend trip with our friends. But I decided to rename it when I went through our pictures and noticed that every other picture was of our baby smiling involuntarily at the camera. Haha! She just learned that day how to smile on command and she spent the rest of the drive showing off her new skill!

Our friends from Sweden came for the weekend and I’m so sad that we were so unlucky with the weather. We rented a car and had planned out places to go but in the end it was mostly a long wet car ride and some (more…)

Pier walk and SPRING!


Since Marcus was off work Monday and the sun was out we decided to go somewhere to enjoy the weather. Dun Laoghaire had been on our list for a while so we hopped on the train and went down there. And yes, how exactly do you pronounce “Dun Laoghaire”?? Well, we’ve learned that it’s “Dun Learee” – but Marcus likes to keep up his first assumption, “Dun Lao-ga-hairrrrr”.

I love these early spring days! It’s incredible how overjoyed you can get from just feeling the warmth of the sun for the first time in six months! And it’s like the world comes back to life too. A lot more people are out and are more energetic and happy. And is it just me but (more…)

Family time at Herbert Park


It’s been rainy for the last couple of days so we’ve spent them indoors eating sandwiches. Today the sun was finally out, daddy was home so we spent the afternoon at the park.

I forget that she’s big enough to appreciate playgrounds now so it was so fun watching her run around, climb up and down and ask to go down the slide over and over. Her shoes kept slipping off and her pants just got muddier but she (more…)

A little pub date

Having family visit comes with little extra blessings like stolen mini-dates. Last night we were so happy to be able to sneak away after bedtime for a couple of hours. We went to a nearby pub – my first pub experience!! – and shared nachos. It really wasn’t about the food or the place, only that we got some time to attempt – cause you never really do – to not worry about a child and just enjoy each other’s company. It’s nice to be reminded of what it was like to be a newlywed couple once in a while.

IMG_0964-2 (more…)