Here comes Pippi Longstocking

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So honestly I just wanted to smack these pictures up to be remembered for forever. Cause – partial as I may be – I think she’s pretty darn cute.

I hadn’t given any thought to her costume for weeks and suddenly time was up. Funny how often that seems to happen…
We really wanted to dress her up as something she’d be really excited about – I’m not usually a huge fan of Halloween — I don’t like being scared — not even if it’s for fun —- seriously – but seeing an opportunity to send my daughter over the moon I got excited.

So I spent a day last week throwing together a little outfit (and used the excuse to get her a cute dress from Zara that I loooove!). It didn’t turn out fantastic (more…)

Our real quick trip to London

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When the husband comes home and says, “Hey I need to go to London for work on Friday, do you guys want to come?”, you go of course.

We’d both been to London before, in fact, remember when that volcano erupted in Iceland in 2010 and flights all over Europe were cancelled for days because the air was full of ash? I was stuck in London that entire chaotic week with no plans and no money, roaming the streets and seeing every single sight a few times.
So anyway, neither of us felt like we needed to be extreme tourists on this trip – which was really nice. We spent Friday and Saturday going for long walks, not spending a dime on public transportation *self-five* seeing the things we (more…)

Sophia at 20 months


I heard someone say recently that their favorite part about parenting was seeing the triumph in their kids’ eyes when they finally accomplished something hard.

This past month has brought many opportunities for me to experience that! It is the best.
I keep telling Marcus that it seems she aged a year when she turned 20 months. Her patience has prolonged, her listening intensified and her words sweetened. Several times every day she’ll walk into the room saying “Hi!”, run and snuggle up on the couch next to me and talk my ears off in long endless sentences. If she accidentally steps on my hair and I look hurt she (more…)

Life lately: April 2016

So I started doing these Life Lately posts in order to keep all you guys up to date, but I’m finding that now I’m completely just doing it for me! It’s just such a great way of documenting the little things month by month. I imagine I’ll go back and look through these and go, “Oooooh, that’s when we did this and that!”.


I got her this doll stroller this past month and she LOVES it! She just pushes it around the apartment wherever she happens to be going. The stroller hangs out everywhere. Under the dinner table, in the bathroom, next to the big stroller, next to her bed…. you get the picture. One thing that she just has to keep trying once in a while is (more…)

Me and my boring family


The other night we were feeling like making the day extra fun. So we neverminded Sophia’s bedtime, snuggled up under the covers and watched a show together. Afterwards we just talked. We played a game of taking turns thinking of song titles, translating them way too directly into our own languages (Danish for me, Swedish for Marcus) and letting the other guess what on Earth it could be. In the middle of our giggling and joking Sophia dozed off and eventually we did too.

I’m currently reading the Pillars of the Earth, which goes on in Civil War England in the 12th century, and although I love being sucked into a different time with a different culture and different problems, every time I put it down I feel boosted with appreciation for my peaceful boring (more…)

A Saturday without plans


We’ve been trying to eat much healthier this year by swapping sweets and fats for greens and .. greens. And it’s going surprisingly well. It’s incredible what major changes you can make in your life with the right attitude. A strategy that has helped me a LOT is simply asking myself what I really feel like eating if I’m completely honest. By taking a step back and pondering that for a minute I allow myself to remember that heavy sluggish feeling I get when I eat unhealthily and how fresh and energized I feel when I don’t. And I usually arrive at bell peppers. Is there any food that can make you feel more fresh than bell peppers??

Anyway, this past Saturday we woke up and didn’t have any plans. And so instead of losing my head over all the things we could go spend money on, I applied my (more…)

Happy birthday Marcus!


Happy birthday to my companion, business partner and best friend!
He didn’t know how unlucky he was when he married someone who’s as helpless at gift giving as I am. I finally thought of a good birthday present for him last week and found the store on the other side of town to buy it from. But earlier this week (as you may have seen on my Snapchat) that day became a wild goose chase of wrong platforms, broken elevators, bus hunting, bus card losing and eventually sandwich eating at the park. Sad as I was I told Marcus about my failure at getting him the right present and that now I’d have to order it online and it wouldn’t be here in time. And kind as he always is, he (more…)

Appreciating everyday MOMents


When we have tough periods in my family – which always seems more often than ever – Marcus is so good at reminding me of all of the blessings we already have. He has a great solid job, we live in a city and country that is just waiting to be explored, our families aren’t terribly far away and we really have everything that we need. And then the one that I am almost most grateful for: we can afford for me to be a stay at home mom.

It’s always been my dream and has been our goal since we got married, and now we’re finally in a situation where it is possible. And I still can’t hardly (more…)