St Patrick’s Day 2017

Last year we were out of town, so this was our first St Patrick’s Day in Ireland. Due to wet weather and not wanting to deal with two fussy little girls in big crowds of drunk people we decided to spend the day at home. But Marcus planned out some things we could do together and made it such a fun day for all of us. (more…)

Ireland, it’s been a great year

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Exactly one year ago today I walked down a now very familiar street for the first time to wait outside some now very familiar buildings after Marcus’ first day at his new job. With his dream company. The job that made us pack up our very worn down suitcases once again and make the move to Ireland; a country we had never before set foot in and had no connections with.

We arrived that Sunday morning in January in the Dublin Airport. Cold, excited but nervous. The following two weeks we would spend in a little hotel room, Marcus, learning the ups and downs of his new position, me, running the usual moving-in errands around the city, Sophia, completely clueless yet excited about her new surroundings.

About a week into our new adventure we got the keys to the apartment we have called home the last (more…)

Our trip to the Cliffs of Moher


We finally did it! We had the most perfect day at the Cliffs of Moher this weekend! Along with Northern Ireland these cliffs are what everyone has been telling us to go see as soon as the sun was out. I can’t believe how lucky we were to have such amazing weather! It’s just the BEST feeling after that first summer day spent outside by the water feeling crispy sun kissed!

SO! We were so happy to be able to take this trip with two of our Dublin couple friends and their kids. We all drove down to Doolin on the west coast Friday night to stay in the most perfect little Bed and Breakfast called the Cahermaclancy Lodge. It’s run by the nicest family who (more…)

Say “cheeeeese!” – our weekend adventures


This post is actually about our rainy weekend trip with our friends. But I decided to rename it when I went through our pictures and noticed that every other picture was of our baby smiling involuntarily at the camera. Haha! She just learned that day how to smile on command and she spent the rest of the drive showing off her new skill!

Our friends from Sweden came for the weekend and I’m so sad that we were so unlucky with the weather. We rented a car and had planned out places to go but in the end it was mostly a long wet car ride and some (more…)

Burgers at Bunsen with buddies.. baby!

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One of the best things about having friends come to town is the opportunity to play tourist in your new city. Our friends are burger-people so after consulting Yelp we decided to try out Bunsen in Dublin 2 for dinner.

We met up at Trinity College and made our way across town to the restaurant. I talked a bit about this already on Instagram, but although it was a rather chilly night – we have all now borne witness to the deadly winds here in Dublin, brrr! – the city was still buzzing with cheerful people. I seriously love spending time walking around downtown just because people are so much friendlier than I’m used to. On Sunday on our way home from church we shared the sidewalk with an older fellow for a bit, and instead of stubbornly maintaining the awkward silence he went, “Beautiful day, isn’t it?” And we had a pleasant little conversation with him until we separated ways. And it totally boosted my mood for the rest of the day!

Anyway! We got to Bunsen, which from the outside is rather easy to miss apart from the big neon “B” above the entrance. We waited in line for a couple of minutes and the place was full – can only imagine how packed it must be on weekends. We were seated at a table and ordered just a simple cheeseburger each with fries. Apart from wishing I’d ordered mine well-done, we really liked the burgers. The buns and paddies are both a bit thicker and softer. Usually I prefer especially the buns to be toasted and crispier but I actually liked the mushiness of this combo. Mushy food is always better, right? The fries though were really good – I’m more of a fries type person myself and I really appreciated that they were thicker and perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.
Marcus already asked if we could go back, so it was a definite success!

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Dipping your fries is awesome. Because the fry serves as a great tool to scoop up and eat the ketchup.
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Oh the blurriness.

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Our first venture into the Irish countryside, and Killiney Hill

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Today was a beautiful beginning to our second weekend in Ireland. We went on our first outing out of Dublin!

So, although it is so far not exactly my personal opinion, I must confess that most people told us before coming here that Dublin itself might not have a lot to offer but that the Irish countryside was worth moving to Ireland for. I myself have lived in Dublin for all of 12 days now and I think it’s a pretty great city and hope to discover even more greatness in the future –
BUT that doesn’t take away the fact that the Irish countryside is actually MINDBLOWINGLY gorgeous! Or so we have discovered today.

First we did a train ride all the way down the coast south of Dublin to Bray. The tracks literally go right by the water and on a clear day like today the Irish Sea glistened in the sunlight. We went far enough south to get into Wicklow county which is known as “Ireland’s garden”. And although it’s January and mid-winter and so so cold, I can’t believe how beautifully green everything was.

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This is the face she does when she’s smelling flowers. The word “blomma” (“flower” in Swedish) is among the handful of words she can pronounce perfectly.

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These pictures were taken at the Powerscourt Hotel… I feel like I’ve been overusing the word ‘beautiful’ and synonyms thereof. So… I will say no more.

On the way back to Dublin we stopped in Killiney. Killiney Hill was one of the top things on my Ireland bucket list because it gives such a breathtaking view of Dublin Bay and the mountains farther inland. You can drive almost to the top and it was no biggie to carry our baby girl the rest of the way. We got there just before the sun was setting, and it was just perfect. This point is said to have inspired countless Irish poets and authors and honestly my first thought when we got up there was that I just wanted to come back one day, alone, to just sit and write.


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