Too real for glam

photo 2 (1).jpgYHWhen I was little I said I wanted to be a blogger. I didn’t. I said I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to write the next Harry Potter. That didn’t happen though – well not yet anyway. But now the journey has started like this. Blogging. I think I prefer it! What better than to tell the story of my own life – as I’m living it!  (more…)

When great expectations come true

Marriage is something most little girls (maybe even boys) give a great deal of thought to, growing up. Personally, as a little girl I imagined myself and my future husband when watching romantic Disney movies. I’d draw pictures and play house with my Barbie dolls seeing with my inner eye the pink pink PINK future I had ahead. When I became a teenager that fairytale picture for real became a pattern after which I measured boys around me, taking note to what kind of husband I was looking for. – The song “Gaston” from Beauty and the Beast just started playing on my Spotify playlist…. Coincidence? – With time I grew tired of measuring and eagerly looked forward to the day when I had found him and my life could finally settled down. When I then found the guy, and especially after he asked me to marry him, my mere excitement was coupled with insatiable impatience to finally be wed.

A popular question after the wedding has been “How’s being married?”. Well it so happens that I’ve been thinking about it a bit lately so I’ll sketch it out for you in this post. (more…)

Introducing Marcus

Hey! I’d really like for you to meet my husband Marcus. So let’s make it happen!

When you meet Marcus, the very first thing you’ll notice (apart from his astonishingly good looks) is how incredibly friendly and easy-going he is. After shaking your hand he’ll instantly strike up an easy conversation, asking how you are and how you’re liking your day. If you ask about his hobbies, interests or simply what he does (be warned) the conversation will immediately turn to business. (more…)