Finally tried that diner place


I don’t know if the Irish just loooove American diners but we’ve seen them all over the place. This morning we were out in the south part of the city and spontaneously decided to walk the 5.5 km home rather than taking the bus. I was in heels and we were hungry – but it was our little weekend adventure. When we were fifteen minutes from home though I finally gave in to my aching ankles and we decided to grab lunch at Eddie Rocket’s.






Honoring the time out

Good evening, everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great day and that you’re now enjoying a peaceful Sunday evening surrounded by loved ones.

Can I just talk a little bit about Sundays without getting religious about it?
At the moment I’m lying in my bed in my bright bedroom. It’s the first (wow) 15 minutes I’ve had completely to myself in a while. The window is slightly open so I can feel a soft breeze. It’s been nice and warm today, which has enticed me to show my pale winter legs in church today. The sun is not going down yet but the sky is turning orange and birds are singing their hearts out. I feel so peaceful.

Already this solitude and quietness feels rejuvenating and will probably help me be a little more patient when any second Marcus brings up a hungry Baby.

Yep, here he comes.

But those 15 minutes out of a day are what Sunday out of a week is for me. A time out.
Growing up, my parents have taught me that Sunday is a day for family. No cleaning, working, shopping or whatever. I’ve even always tried not to do homework. In honor of the time out.
And say what you may about it probably just being because I’m used to it now… but I really don’t know how I would function without a day like this. Where I can turn off my brain and forget about any and all obligations. Except for the obligation I have to my family.

And isn’t that the biggest obligation? Is it Sunday that serves the rest of the week – or is it actually the rest of the week that by letting us get through work and bills and groceries and cleaning and deadlines and events and plans actually serves Sunday? Allows us to clear one day of the week to focus on what is really most important. Our families.

I don’t know what to tell you. But for now I’m gonna close my eyes and listen to the birds for another minute. And then maybe play a game or go for a walk with my family. Or – let’s face it – I’ll probably just end up pillow-talking with my husband while I nurse our baby to sleep. But it’ll be uninterrupted family time. An seriously, it’ll make Monday mornings feel a heck of a lot easier.

So, if you’re not religious, forget about keeping the Sabbath holy – I just really love that I have one day off. To honor the time out.




Baby Girl is 8 months!

PicMonkey Collageh

The other day I sent my mom a random picture of Baby sitting in her high chair drinking water from a bottle. My mom’s reaction was, ‘she looks so different!’. We’ve only been gone for what.. three weeks?

It is insane how quickly she develops. Sometimes she’ll do a face or bust a move or make a sound that for a terrible second makes me think she’s turned into a toddler before time! Then she loses her balance, rolls over and takes a while to work her baby abs into a proper sit-up – and I know all is well.


Favorites: As she is on the move, now faster than ever, she absolutely loves being left on the floor to explore   anything.

She loves her toys! And most definitely the ones that aren’t actually toys. We keep her stuff in a little bag, and its contents are everything from rattles and balls to bag clips and measuring spoons. A few weeks ago I bought her a new binky (in our desperate attempt to teach her to take one – any good tips?) and ever since she has played much more with the box it came in than the actual binky.

I’d have to say that her absolute favorite thing to do is standing up and walking. She stands up everywhere now! She’ll grab hold of whatever’s close and try to hoist herself up – even with things that don’t support her weight (like my hair). Getting to her feet is something that is sure to always bring a triumphant smile to her face.


Hates: Uhm.. I honestly don’t think she has any major hates for this month.

She got sick a few weeks ago and she absolutely hated having her nose wiped. But who likes that?


The new stuff: I can’t even remember.. did I write that she was crawling already last month? Let me check real quick…

It appears that she was army crawling a month ago. But folks, she is crawling for real now! We got all excited the first few times she did it, but then I watched her the other day and it kinda looks like she doesn’t really move her legs much. It’s like she only uses her arms and her butt just kinda wiggles along behind her. Not quite sure, that might just be when she’s in a hurry. She was venturing into my sister-in-law’s room for the first time at the time. Pretty hyped.

Just the last few days she’s actually sat patiently and opened her mouth at the right times when we’ve fed her. To say that I was beginning to lose hope is an understatement. I’m not sure I even ever had hope. – I haven’t been the biggest fan of spoon-feeding her. I might write a blogpost about that later.
I guess I just expected that she’d be more excited about eating by now. At least some things. Granted, there are some things she will eat more of, but so far it seems that eating pureed food is more of a chore for her than an exciting part of her day. Is she my daughter? I guess she hasn’t tried cake yet…

A new thing that especially her parents have noticed is that she is tons more cuddly now than she’s been since she was a newborn. Especially when she’s sleepy she doesn’t mind lying on us. She’ll even (on purpose!) crawl up in our arms when we’re in bed and lie down her head and even fall asleep! Oh my tender little mommy heart! It’s the best feeling ever! When will she learn how to give me hugs and kisses??

Spring Family Photoshoot of 2015

Marcus’ birthday present for me this year was spot on. About a week ago we drove down to Herning to visit our good friends Hans and Katrine Borgenfalk. Hans is so incredibly talented and we are so happy that we got to to have him do a photoshoot of our family before we left Denmark. All credit and our great gratitude goes to him! These pictures will be cherished forever!

Check out his work here!




















G42B4682 G42B4698

Moving to Sweden!

We’re down to our last week here in Aalborg. Marcus recently got a job in Stockholm, which means that we’re packing our bags yet again and moving our little family back to Sweden.

Yes, I am sad to leave my family and hometown again. I’m going to miss the liberty of spending the day at my parents’ house if I want to.. and Sunday family dinners. It’s been such a blessing – I never thought I’d come back and live here ever again when I left. Especially having my mom close by when I had the baby. For a small student family with next to no money I feel so fortunate that we even had the freedom to choose where we wanted to spend this last year of Marcus’ schooling.

Can I just dedicate an entire paragraph to Danish food? Cause that I will miss – especially pastries and cakes. Nothing against Swedish or even American food, but I realized not until I left Denmark just how much I love some foods here. And I know it’s purely for emotional reasons. It’s just what home tastes like. So, I’m REALLY gonna miss being able to get good cheap pastries at any store anywhere.

Although all of the moving has felt like such a hassel, I can see now that everything has really worked out for the best. I know this move will too. I’m excited to move back to Sweden, I really love Stockholm, and more than anything I’m so excited for Marcus to start his new job. I know he’s so excited to work on his career. These past couple of years have been very humbling and we’ve learned many lessons about how to make do and save money. But I can’t express what a relief it will be to finally be able to really save up money.

I’m gonna feel so grown up sending my man off to work every day! That should be fun! That’s what I tell myself anyway. It’s also been a gigantic blessing that we’ve been able to spend almost every hour of the day together for so long, and especially after the baby came. It’s going to be a huge change to not do everything together anymore. But that’s life and I can only thank my lucky stars that our situation has been so idyllic.

All in all, moving back to Stockholm will be a big turning point for us. It’s not only moving to Sweden, but also moving into a new lifestyle. Exciting times are coming!


Baby girl is 7 months!

PicMonjkey Collage

It feels more like we’re the parents of a kid than a baby lately!

She’s crawling! Or.. army crawling. The point is that she can get from A to B on her own, and that she’s pretty fired up about it. And so are we! Most of the time.. Just the other day she ventured into the kitchen for the first time. She was so excited that she was breathing like a sweaty dog, before I snatched her up and away from all the dangerous objects.

It’s like I see danger everywhere now.

It won’t be long before she’ll be pulling herself up to a standing position on her own either. In the meantime she has figured out that if she can manage to grab someone’s fingers in each of her hands, she’ll be able to pull herself up. I figured that one out just the other day when I was sitting with her in our bed and she started patting my arms in search for my hands. Once she had a finger tight in each of her fists she clenched her abs, grunted, and stood herself up with a triumphant “Ah!”.

She inspires me! I wish I was as eager to learn and get stronger as she is.

It’s so much fun to observe her little baby logic. If she wants to get to an object she’ll look around to see if someone is standing close and raise her little arms to make them pick her up (she’ll move from arm to arm to get close to my parents’ oven). If the object is however too far away, she’ll see reason and settle for an alternative.

All this moving around makes it hard for her to stay asleep in her own bed. She rolls over a lot and especially pushes herself “upward” and when she reaches the head of the bed she’ll wake herself up every time she moves.

She hardly ever sleeps on her back anymore. She’s almost always on her belly with a face plant in the mattress that worries her parents sick.

So far, it seems that her favorite food is avocado.

No teeth yet! I’m not even sure we’re getting close. She hardly ever drools and I expect her to get a lot more whiny when that time comes.

Her vocabulary has now stretched to “Ah”, “Mah”, and “Bah”. Marcus and I both get really excited about “Mah-mah” and “Bah-bah”.

I do miss having a tiny little baby but I’m not really sad that she’s growing so fast. I’m way more excited to see what kind of person our little girl is going to be!






Running with the family

I’ve always hated running. I’ve had periods here and there when I’ve gotten into good running routines. But I guess I never stuck to it long enough to learn to enjoy it. I’ve just always had a hard time motivating myself to keep going when there was no ball or team mates or table with cake to run to. But as much as I want to get back in shape and as much as I wish I could just lift weights in a gym, I realize I need to do some proper cardio as well.

So the last few weeks Marcus and I have put it back on our weekly to-do list. And last week we, along with some friends, began a challenge to run 10 km a week (it’s nice to have someone to answer to).

After a few days of just taking turns to go out, we decided it would be more fun to do it as a family. Also, spring had finally come to Denmark and it was just hard to not be outside and enjoy the sunshine. So we suited up the baby and walked together to the park. Then we spent the next hour taking turns running laps and watching birds with Baby. And it was a lovely thing!

To us it’s a perfect way to get outside and spend some quality time with the family. We get our workout and Baby’s nap out of the way at the same time.


I guess bird watching makes babies sleepy after a while. She got a good half hour nap.

IMG_1871A red-nosed sleep-drunk baby on our way home from the park.

– Also a red-nosed Mama.


Returned missionary

Yesterday was one of those days when you wake up and it is as if time stands still. Because the day you have been counting down to for months has finally come.

After 18 months of full-time service as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints my sister finally came home! Talk about a long day of work!

It was so great to see her and to feel that nothing had changed. It was so fun to have her meet Baby for the first time. Baby wasn’t quite as excited to see her though – she’ll grow wiser with time.

It’s ironic how the whole process of saying goodbye and being without a family member for a while really brings you closer together when you’re reunited. It was really an experience for me to watch as she threw her arms around my brothers and sister and seeing the tears in their eyes. That alone made me remember how much I love all of them. I love my family. I wish I was better at seeing reminders like that without having to send one of them away for a few years.

And like it is with days like those, I feel surprised that life keeps going on. Now all there’s left to do is have a lot of fun!









10 facts about me

IMG_1433 (1)
Gonna share a few facts about me with you today. Like the fact that I get super awkward when I realize I need to take selfie for my blogpost about myself. That’s why I did a braid and turned it into a “see-my-hair” kind of picture instead. Sneaky sneaky…
  1. Looking backI wish I would’ve taken dance classes as a kid. I really love dancing. I wish I would’ve learned. Think I could’ve been good – or at least felt really pretty.
  2. I’m a bit nationality confused. When people ask me if I feel more Danish or American I never know what to say. I guess it’s kinda silly cause I haven’t lived in the States for that long, but when I’m in Denmark I definitely don’t feel that Danish. But I guess it doesn’t really matter…
  3. ‘Party’ is a magic word to me. If ever we need to do something we’re not excited about (like packing, moving or doing laundry) I try my very best to motivate Marcus by throwing in the word ‘party’. “It’ll be a cleaning party!”. If it can be done with loud music and snacks – it can be fun! I haven’t quite yet convinced Marcus of this truth.
  4. My family are my best friends. For a long time I’ve felt a little embarrassed about this fact but I’ve learned to be proud of it. I love and cherish spending time with my friends too (Love you guys! I do!) but my family is just something else. They’re just the most wonderful and fun people I know!
  5. I have not yet discovered my love for cooking. I know it’s there – cause I love good food – but right now I honestly don’t think it’s worth the time. Once in a while I’ll get excited about trying a new recipe I found on Pinterest but most days I’d rather just get something on the table fast so I can spend more time doing other stuff. I’m so not living up to my mom’s legacy.
  6. Despite loving the word ‘party’ I’m not really a party person. Or I guess it depends how you define ‘party’. I’d much rather be in a smaller gathering of friends or family than run around at a big party pretending I’m having the time of my life.
  7. I’m a mormon. Yes I am. It makes me a better person and brings me more happiness every day than anything else.
  8. One of my biggest fears is being lazy. Or that other people think I’m lazy. For example, I really really want to be a morning person and I hate myself for finding it difficult.
  9. I have a weird secret (secret no more) fear of old churches. As a little girl I once had a nightmare about the cathedral in Aalborg. It was dark and there were eerie Gregorian chants… I guess it just stuck. It stuck good.
  10. One of my biggest dreams is to someday publish a book. That day will be such a good day.