‘Classic’, the fancy word for ‘good’

PicMonkey CollageAt the end of the day, my best inspiration for any post is whatever is on my mind. Tonight it is classics. And what defines classics.

Because today is December 1st we could, with clear conscience, watch our first Christmas movie of the year. I had of course prepared a Pinterest board for this particular occasion. And off we went, scrolling up and down to decide which to watch first. Somewhere during this discussion Marcus popped the question of which was my favorite Christmas movie. I felt a thrill of excitement to plunge into this conversation, but I actually didn’t know where to start. (more…)

The week before the magic

photo 2 (5).jpgYHOne of the most magical times of the year for me is the last week of November. It’s the week before glorious Christmas starts, but I think there’s something almost addicting about the suspense of being so very close, but not entiiiirely there yet. It’s the week you wish you could rewind time back to when you wake up the morning of January 1st, when the magic is over, not to return for another year.

My loving husband won an extra gold star last Sunday when he, with a twinkle in his eye, told me it was okay with him if I started listening to Christmas music a little earlier this year. Oh joy! Good thing I’d already prepared my 90 tracks Spotify Christmas playlist! (more…)

Happiness is Thankfulness


In 2005 a study was made on the causes of happiness. Part of this study was based on a questionnaire in which 577 people participated. The participants were divided into groups to each test a different method of generating happiness. The results of this test showed that the group that was to test the method of practicing gratitude, easily experienced the highest immediate effect. The exact task that they had was to write a letter of gratitude to an important person in their lives and then deliver the letter.

This year in July, one of my favorite Youtube channels, SoulPancake, made a video, demonstrating the same test. PLEASE take the 7 minutes to watch it. It’s really good! (more…)

That good day

photo 3 (5).jpgYHYes, had a pretty good day today!

We’ve had a few rough moments this week. One of them being Sweden’s kick out of the soccer World Cup. One of us was very sad about that. The other one of us cooked dinner and gave massages.

But bad days just make good days even better.

Today our day began at 11 when the finale of the Great Ideas Competition on campus took place. Marcus competed yesterday by presenting his great idea for a business to judges and last night we got an email that he had been selected for the finale. And what a marvelous job my man did today. So marvelous that he came in first place! A prouder wife was never before seen.


Choosing the unlimited

InteriorcoolnessYHSo far I have talked a lot about dreams and setting goals. I’m sorry. But I just got married, so basically I recently had my entire life thrust into my hands. Can’t help it.

I saw this image on Pinterest this morning, and due to its insane awesomeness I had to show Marcus and then decided to share it with all of you.

If you haven’t looked through the pictures. Do it now.

Pretty cool, right?

I automatically start thinking about other things that would be cool to have… like… a fireman’s pole from the second story or… fake natural lighting in the entire house or… one room filled with pillows and the floor, walls and ceiling were mattresses or… a developed laundry chute system that lead from each bedroom and bathroom to certain baskets in the huge (clean) laundry room.

Dang, I would gladly live on oatmeal for a few months to save up for any of these!

But subconciously I know that I’ll never have any of this, so I just keep Pinteresting and eventually forget about it.

But wait a second. Why not think about it? Why couldn’t I have this? Why limit myself like that? And that is the question. Why decide from the beginning not to pursue something? Isn’t that stupid? Why do I have this determination that it is silly and a waste of effort to simply try?

Because I thought about something else. Something else, that I try hard to pursue every day. Cause I see the sun, feel the wind and hear beautiful sounds. I witness people doing amazing things and doing amazing things for others. And I don’t just smile and keep walking. But I choose to believe that there is something more. That there is a reason behind my existence. And even if I didn’t arrive at golden gates when I die, that choice changes my life every day. Because I choose the unlimited.

So why choose to limit your freedom and dreams by being “realistic” when you can choose to live a life to your full potential? In any aspect of your life. Whether it’s academically, your religious views, career or simple family values. Isn’t it more fun (if I may be so silly) to find out what you can do? To feel that high of creativity every day, because you’re striving for something.

So having given that fancy speech… Imma go design my laundry chute.

What’re you gonna do? (more…)

Born in winter, born to freeze

Fotor1111220950YHI learned something about myself today. I love those days.

We have had one heck of a weekend, because It was a dark and stormy night. And I mean the negative way. Beachless, sunless and fresh airless, we have hardly left the apartment, because It was a dark and stormy night.

But today, Monday morning, I’d had enough. If the weather was going to act like Europe… I was going to act like Europe. Come hell or high water. (more…)

It was a dark and stormy night…


It was Saturday. We had planned for a day at the beach, and maybe a bike ride to the next village up the highway – I was craving macadamia nut shrimp and Marcus frozen yoghurt. But when we rolled out of bed this morning the sky was cloudy and picky as we have become, we decided the weather was not “good enough” and settled for a day on the couch.

As the hours wore on the overcast sky turned to heavy dark clouds and soon it was raining. But unlike the five minute drizzles we were used to, these clouds seemed inexhaustible (more…)