Happy Becca-Birthday!

IMG_0707.jpgYHAs I got married relatively young I haven’t had a lot of birthdays away from my family and my mom’s chicken enchiladas and devil’s food cake.. and definitely never completely alone. But that’s just how the cards played out this year. The thing is Marcus was called for an interview for an internship with Goldman Sachs that he’d applied for a few months ago. The email was pretty clear.

Come on Rebecca’s birthday. We’ll need you in the morning in Salt Lake City and we’ll fly you out with an airline that only flies out from Hawaii once a day. (more…)

A house of order

photo 3 (19).jpgYHI’ve always had mixed feelings about New Years resolutions. I guess it’s because every year when I’m forced to consider it and I ask myself what I want different this year, it’s never something simple and specific but more the feeling of simply wanting to be better. I just make better decisions and simply have more control over my life.
I suppose I just want to live my life in such a way that I’ll never need to have specific resolutions. That I will never have that one problem, so big, that I feel that I need to just focus on ‘it’ all year. I guess that’s a good resolution for me. To never let myself create the bigger problems so I can always just focus on refining myself. (more…)

Moving party!

photo (25).jpgYHIt has been a wild weekend full of packing, cleaning, driving, unpacking, car breaking down, laundering, shopping (a LOT), sorting, clogged toilet, little sleep and actually catching a cold.

If you ask me (and I suspect I got this from my mother) if you put ‘party’ behind any task, it becomes FUN! That means a ‘moving party’ will involve loud music, snacks, dancing and laughing! Despite my many attempts to brainwash Marcus with my theory, moving this weekend was not exactly a party. (more…)

The rest of the Holidays in pictures

driving_on_oahu-(25).jpgYHWe’ve already had our rental car for two weeks. It’s gone so fast – we got a little too used to being able to transport ourselves too fast. But we’ve had an amazing time. The driving has been amazing in itself! I love driving so much! Though I have to admit driving automatic is just not the same as driving stick. I feel like I’m the only person in the world who can possibly think that driving automatic is harder. I black out every time I have to shift the gears – is that what you say in an automatic? And I can’t wrap my head around driving with just one foot. Why make it so simple when it could be nice and complicated, right? (more…)

Decorating for Christmas on a tight budget

photo 2 (15).jpgYHI made it! I managed to finish decorating our tiny apartment before December 20th. So embarrassing. Only I didn’t get it on the blog till now. But I’ll share the footage for my trouble anyway. To be honest I’m a little proud of the result. It’s complicated being a Christmasholic on a newlywed budget living an hour away from the nearest city knowing that anything Christmasy you buy, you’ll have to drag back around the world eventually. But little by little I rounded up some cheap materials and with a little help from my dearest friend Pinterest I got a few good ideas.  (more…)

Finding Christmas Spirit

photo 1 (10).jpgYHAnyone of my family members will tell you that I am a sucker for Christmas. So much of a sucker that I am known to get really annoying every year the last weeks of November, when I try to persuade the family to start Christmas a liiiiittle earlier. Making sure the Christmas decorations are up as early as possible is my top priority. It turns out things are a little different when you’re in your own house. Not to mention when that house is on the other side of the world. (more…)

The best trick for delicious Hawaiian pizza revealed!

l.jpgYHSo here is the one thing I will forever do when I make Hawaiian pizza.
This trick was brought to my family years ago by a young man that my Mom had invited into the comfort of our home for Christmas Eve. He was from the states and was only staying in the area for a short while. As a teenager he had worked at a pizza joint and so he had a lot of interesting tricks to show us transfixed kids. – oh, come to think of it… This was a different night… surely we would not have been making pizza on Christmas Eve. But he did also came for Christmas!
Anyway. Just as we were about to stick the pizzas in the oven, he said, (more…)