Born in winter, born to freeze

Fotor1111220950YHI learned something about myself today. I love those days.

We have had one heck of a weekend, because It was a dark and stormy night. And I mean the negative way. Beachless, sunless and fresh airless, we have hardly left the apartment, because It was a dark and stormy night.

But today, Monday morning, I’d had enough. If the weather was going to act like Europe… I was going to act like Europe. Come hell or high water. (more…)

It was a dark and stormy night…


It was Saturday. We had planned for a day at the beach, and maybe a bike ride to the next village up the highway – I was craving macadamia nut shrimp and Marcus frozen yoghurt. But when we rolled out of bed this morning the sky was cloudy and picky as we have become, we decided the weather was not “good enough” and settled for a day on the couch.

As the hours wore on the overcast sky turned to heavy dark clouds and soon it was raining. But unlike the five minute drizzles we were used to, these clouds seemed inexhaustible (more…)

My parents know

picture (6).jpgYHI’ve never known my parents as well as I do now. I don’t think I’ve thought “what would my parents do?” as often EVER as I do now. But maybe every new chapter of my life is gonna feels this way. You face unfamiliar challenges and you realize these are tricks your parents learned decades ago. Then you feel stupid. Stupid that you had your entire childhood to learn from them and watch them and ask every single necessary question along the way. But now you’re out. Out of their house, country and continent and your next visit is so far into the future that you haven’t even bothered to schedule it yet. Now I’m left to myself. (more…)

Dinner with the Seven Brothers

YHAfter spending a LOT of hours in the library and the testing center today we were pretty dead and careless. All we wanted was to grab some food somewhere and then hurry home to our couch and watch a movie. So we decided to enjoy Laie’s crazy nightlife by going to one of the village’s hottest spots. It’s called (more…)

Raindrops falling on my roof

photo 3YH

I need to introduce you to a Danish word called “hygge”. I will attempt to explain its meaning with the English word “cozy”. “Cozy” on a pillow. In front of a fireplace. Drinking hot chocolate. Wearing thick socks. Having a good time with his friend, “Snug”. Actually it’s maybe if “Snug” and “Cozy” had a baby. And they named it “Hygge”.

– by now, if you’re not Danish, you might be feeling stupid trying to pronounce it in your head. Sorry. I suppose you could pronounce it “hoo-guh”. But not really.

Anyway, (more…)

Confessions on creative slacking

Just when I felt like I had started to waste less time on my biggest time waster, Facebook, I managed to find a new one. It is Pinterest. Yes, I know Pinterest has been out and popular for a while, but I used to take pride in not engaging in (too many) time wasters (at a time).


It all started last winter when I was having a hard time planning my

wedding. Actually, I had stumbled upon it before then when looking for clothes. But I never stuck around, cause I got frustrated that I couldn’t always find out where I could buy the amazing stuff I had found – I just didn’t understand back then. A friend of mine finally sat me down, pounded my head and made me realize what an amazing tool Pinterest is. I created a “wedding board” and in spite of my totally blank mind, before long, I had a full board growing by the hour. (more…)

Lives changing dreams changing lives


It’s an interesting time of your life, being a newlywed. You go from being single, the room of your future seems huge and hollow with white walls, floor and ceiling. Colorless. You have no idea what kind of images will be put on those white walls. Will they be white? Will the room always feel this hollow or will it be filled with voices of loved ones you haven’t even met yet?

Then you get married. And all of a sudden the room starts to take shape and gets faded shades of color here and there. (more…)