Ireland, it’s been a great year

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Exactly one year ago today I walked down a now very familiar street for the first time to wait outside some now very familiar buildings after Marcus’ first day at his new job. With his dream company. The job that made us pack up our very worn down suitcases once again and make the move to Ireland; a country we had never before set foot in and had no connections with.

We arrived that Sunday morning in January in the Dublin Airport. Cold, excited but nervous. The following two weeks we would spend in a little hotel room, Marcus, learning the ups and downs of his new position, me, running the usual moving-in errands around the city, Sophia, completely clueless yet excited about her new surroundings.

About a week into our new adventure we got the keys to the apartment we have called home the last (more…)

My New Year’s resolutions


Two days ago on New Year’s Eve Marcus took my hand and led my out to our balcony a few minutes before midnight. Sophia had been asleep for hours and our guests for the night had left to tuck in their own little one. We wrapped a blanket around the both of us and hugged each other tight to keep warm for the last couple of minutes of the year. We spent them reminiscing our life together so far and the previous years that we had begun and ended in each other’s arms.

I dug my phone out from under the layers to check the time and the air filled with our merry neighbors’ voices chanting the count-down. I freed my hand to wrap it again around my husband, bracing myself for the leap.
As the new year came upon us I marveled at the magic of this simple little moment. All around us were people gathered together to celebrate in style. Other places in the world people were inaudibly shouting “Happy New Year!” to each other over the noise of scores of fireworks and loud music. Yet here we were on our quiet cold little balcony watching the Irish lack of fireworks, and (more…)

Faithful, Joyful and Triumphant


Christmas is here again and I’m sitting here reflecting on the past month and savoring every last drop of Christmas spirit before it is over for another year. I decided in November to dedicate this Christmas season to being better at serving others around me and being more mindful of my influence in others lives. Instead of committing to do a specific act of service every day (I knew I would cave as soon as I missed a day) I wanted to simply try and get into the habit of always paying attention to how I could help others.

This month has been interesting because of it. I am not going to lie, I could have been much more dedicated and put much more time into it, but I feel that I reached my goal of just being more aware. It has led me to have many big and small good experiences that have especially lead me to appreciate the mere effort and sweat of doing something for others. (more…)

The terrible twos are hard

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We’re going through the process of reorganizing all our pictures on Google Photos, which includes emptying our phones, camera, laptops, Dropboxes, and other random platforms photos are hiding out on. It’s a bit of hard work but it is so much fun too. Seeing the last few years of your life summed up like that just makes you realize that progress is real and more dramatic than you feel. That rhymed.

Just looking through the pictures of Sophia this past year shows how many things have changed – and especially how much she has changed!

Man.. being the mother of a two-year-old is hard. (more…)

Light the World


Christmas season is knocking on the door and once again I feel desperate to make the most of it before it slips away for a good 340 days! Do you know the feeling? I just want to spend the days singing Christmas carols, baking cookies and cakes, buying and wrapping gifts and giving lots of hugs!

The thing that I think will really maximize my Christmas spirit this season is service. I’ve had a few moments over the last couple of years when I’ve mentally woken up and realized how little I think of doing good things for other people compared to how much time I spend just getting my own life in order… which is silly really, considering how good helping others makes you feel inside.

So I really wanted to change that (more…)

The way you look at me

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A couple of weeks after our wedding in 2013 we got a CD from a good friend full of pictures from our wedding day. However, before we had managed to move the files to our laptop we moved to Hawaii and lost the CD in the process. Then a month or two ago it turned up in my in-laws’ house in Sweden, and this week I finally took it to the library to transfer the pictures to a USB (because.. no CD drives anywhere anymore?!), and we’ve been reliving that special day all over again since then.
These are just a few of those treasures that I thought I’d share.

A few weeks ago our awesome friends offered to watch Sophia so Marcus and I could go out for dinner. My immediate thought when they asked was along the lines of, “oh that won’t be necessary, we’re just fine!”. But we took them up on it and went to an amazing Italian place nearby.

About five minutes after we had sat down at our table I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I burst out, “Why do you keep looking at me that way? (more…)

On family – at the beach

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On Saturday we had planned to get up early and walk down to the beach to get some pretty pictures in the morning light. But naturally we missed our chance due to comfy beds, weekend breakfast, and getting out the door and the ups and downs it entails. Eventually we ended up going just before noon. It was nevertheless a beautiful sunny fall day and was totally worth the 5km’s worth of overall body pain it cost me.

Despite the struggles I often have staying up-to-date on the blog I am so incredibly thankful for the memories I manage to catch and record along the way. It takes a lot of time and effort to haul the camera around, snap the crazy amounts of pictures required to catch a few decent ones, and then carefully editing them one by one. But looking through this little finished handful of (more…)

Dreamy fall, dreamy pregnancy

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Nobody blink! Or this beautiful fall weather might disappear and it’ll be wet, dark and naked winter before we know it!

It’s a good thing this winter will be full of good things to celebrate to distract us from the bleak weather. Winter means Christmas, New Years, my birthday (!), and our little Miss Number Two will be making her grand – hopefully quick – entrance!

Can I also point out that I am experiencing a dream pregnancy without the jinx fairies breaking the spell? (the word ‘jinx’ just has to go with pixies right?) I don’t know if the differences are mainly due to environmental changes though. I realize, that last time I was this pregnant I was living on a hill during the heat of summer in Salt Lake City. But when I read my 25 week blogpost I (more…)

Here comes Pippi Longstocking

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So honestly I just wanted to smack these pictures up to be remembered for forever. Cause – partial as I may be – I think she’s pretty darn cute.

I hadn’t given any thought to her costume for weeks and suddenly time was up. Funny how often that seems to happen…
We really wanted to dress her up as something she’d be really excited about – I’m not usually a huge fan of Halloween — I don’t like being scared — not even if it’s for fun —- seriously – but seeing an opportunity to send my daughter over the moon I got excited.

So I spent a day last week throwing together a little outfit (and used the excuse to get her a cute dress from Zara that I loooove!). It didn’t turn out fantastic (more…)

A Baby Bundle for Baby

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As you may have seen we found out earlier this week that another little girl will be joining our family in a few months! We are all so excited and Sophia is speedily learning to call the bump “baby sister”.
Knowing that we are having a little girl makes everything so much more real. I can’t stop paying a little closer attention to all the baby items I pass in stores, and I’m just so excited to get our home ready for the arrival of our daughter #2!

So when Boots Ireland sent this My Baby Bundle package I just thought it was perfect timing. It’s full of diapers, wipes, teethers, bubble bath, body wash, eye gel etc. I love boxes like these because they’re such a great little first-aid kit to newborn parenting because they’re full of all the little things for baby and Mama that you probably wouldn’t think of buying until you actually really needed them. And trust me, that happens a lot more often than you might think.

This goes out to all my local Irish readers. The My Baby Bundle will be given to any customer who spends €30 or more on baby products in-store, and the campaign only lasts until October 18th! So if you have any baby shopping to get done this week, you might as well do it at Boots and get something extra out of it, right?

*Sponsored by Boots Ireland*

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