Project cheap changing table

Baby is still not here, so project changing table is finished! And here is the grand result.

I can’t take too much credit for the design, as the only thing I’ve actually put together myself was the banner. It’s partially made from the same cloth as what my mom used to make the cover for the baby duvet in the crib. So I simply cut out triangles and sewed them onto a ribbon. Voilá! The actual changing pad is the cheapest I could find at IKEA. It actually has inflatable sides, but I thought it made it look too huge, so I folded under and taped them. I’ll need to unfold it again though when baby gets bigger. Instead of getting a cover I dug out a pretty cloth diaper I got for a baby shower gift and put over top. The basket is another baby shower souvenir that I just filled with diapers, wipes and salve. I want to get a pretty purple or green bowl to fill up with water for the wipes as well.

I did it! And I did it cheap!
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