And that was 2014…

Another year has already gone. Marcus and I were just talking the other day about how crazy it is that we’ve already been together for 2,5 years! On the other hand I can’t believe my own family has only been in existence for that little time.

Goodness, this year has been eventful! Only 6 days into it I decided to confront my late period by taking a pregnancy test. Shortly after taking the first one I took another. After staring at the mirror for a few minutes and taking a few deep breaths I went to our bedroom and told Marcus that he was going to be a father. Within the week the two toughest months of the year began. During that period I can count on two hands the amount of times that I left out little apartment in Hawaii.

Soon after Marcus was offered a summer internship with Goldman Sachs in Salt Lake City and we were forced to decide to leave Hawaii to go to Utah and then to spend five weeks apart in order for me to return to Denmark before I got too pregnant. It was sad to leave beautiful Hawaii and our new friends there, but that was not nearly as hard as saying goodbye to Marcus one morning in June and making the journey home without him.

I had a fun summer at home with my family. It was fantastic to have a few calm yet lonely weeks to prepare our new home in Denmark and for our little baby to come into the world. Finally it was time to go up to Stockholm to meet Marcus and have a couple of weeks with our Swedish family. Picking up Marcus at the airport felt like getting married all over again – if the pink’ness seems to be fading just try spending five weeks in different continents – … – actually, don’t.

We returned to Denmark, moved into our apartment, and just a few weeks later I woke up one very early morning knowing that that was the day I would find out what labor felt like. It didn’t feel that nice. But all the pain was worth how great it felt once it was over. Honestly, I was way too shaken to understand what a miracle we had witnessed. That came gradually over the next few weeks. Her first smiles in her sleep, the first time we all were able to sleep at the same time, the first time she really looked at us, the first time it didn’t hurt to feed her, the first time she talked to us, the first time she slept all night…

And that is the high that we are ending this year on. That we can lean back after a year of hard work and enjoy the miracle of our happy family. Hope next year will end the same way.


Couldn’t believe it so I had to take another.



One of my very first meals out of the house after two months of morning sickness


Loved the few weeks I could “randomly” run into my little sister in Salt Lake City. Can’t believe she’s coming home so soon!




Back together after five long weeks apart – as pinkly in love as ever.



The most intense day of my life, and I got to bring home this beauty.




photo (65)



“Pearl Harbor – may we never forget”

photo 2 (3)YHJust wanted to share a few pictures from our visit to Pearl Harbor. Yes! We finally went. About time too. We left home before sunup and were able to enjoy the atmosphere of the site before too many tourists arrived. It was a very special experience. Standing there looking across the water to the USS Arizona Memorial picturing the horrible scene that took place just over 70 years ago.  (more…)

A house of order

photo 3 (19).jpgYHI’ve always had mixed feelings about New Years resolutions. I guess it’s because every year when I’m forced to consider it and I ask myself what I want different this year, it’s never something simple and specific but more the feeling of simply wanting to be better. I just make better decisions and simply have more control over my life.
I suppose I just want to live my life in such a way that I’ll never need to have specific resolutions. That I will never have that one problem, so big, that I feel that I need to just focus on ‘it’ all year. I guess that’s a good resolution for me. To never let myself create the bigger problems so I can always just focus on refining myself. (more…)

Decorating for Christmas on a tight budget

photo 2 (15).jpgYHI made it! I managed to finish decorating our tiny apartment before December 20th. So embarrassing. Only I didn’t get it on the blog till now. But I’ll share the footage for my trouble anyway. To be honest I’m a little proud of the result. It’s complicated being a Christmasholic on a newlywed budget living an hour away from the nearest city knowing that anything Christmasy you buy, you’ll have to drag back around the world eventually. But little by little I rounded up some cheap materials and with a little help from my dearest friend Pinterest I got a few good ideas.  (more…)

Finding Christmas Spirit

photo 1 (10).jpgYHAnyone of my family members will tell you that I am a sucker for Christmas. So much of a sucker that I am known to get really annoying every year the last weeks of November, when I try to persuade the family to start Christmas a liiiiittle earlier. Making sure the Christmas decorations are up as early as possible is my top priority. It turns out things are a little different when you’re in your own house. Not to mention when that house is on the other side of the world. (more…)

‘Classic’, the fancy word for ‘good’

PicMonkey CollageAt the end of the day, my best inspiration for any post is whatever is on my mind. Tonight it is classics. And what defines classics.

Because today is December 1st we could, with clear conscience, watch our first Christmas movie of the year. I had of course prepared a Pinterest board for this particular occasion. And off we went, scrolling up and down to decide which to watch first. Somewhere during this discussion Marcus popped the question of which was my favorite Christmas movie. I felt a thrill of excitement to plunge into this conversation, but I actually didn’t know where to start. (more…)

The week before the magic

photo 2 (5).jpgYHOne of the most magical times of the year for me is the last week of November. It’s the week before glorious Christmas starts, but I think there’s something almost addicting about the suspense of being so very close, but not entiiiirely there yet. It’s the week you wish you could rewind time back to when you wake up the morning of January 1st, when the magic is over, not to return for another year.

My loving husband won an extra gold star last Sunday when he, with a twinkle in his eye, told me it was okay with him if I started listening to Christmas music a little earlier this year. Oh joy! Good thing I’d already prepared my 90 tracks Spotify Christmas playlist! (more…)

Happiness is Thankfulness


In 2005 a study was made on the causes of happiness. Part of this study was based on a questionnaire in which 577 people participated. The participants were divided into groups to each test a different method of generating happiness. The results of this test showed that the group that was to test the method of practicing gratitude, easily experienced the highest immediate effect. The exact task that they had was to write a letter of gratitude to an important person in their lives and then deliver the letter.

This year in July, one of my favorite Youtube channels, SoulPancake, made a video, demonstrating the same test. PLEASE take the 7 minutes to watch it. It’s really good! (more…)