Dublin: Week 1

My blogging (holiday) hibernation is over and has awakened in DUBLIN IRELAND!

We’ve been here for about a week now and I think we’ve gone from rock bottom to really starting to love it here. The first day was hard – especially for me I think. It’s easy to be excited about moving somewhere new and starting a new life before the actual move, but once we were here I was just hit by this overwhelming realization that we were lost and alone. Neither of us had really been to Ireland before, we knew no one, and didn’t really know much about anything. Oh the loneliness and homesickness. I’ll just say it, I cried myself to sleep that night.

But I found that it was just a phase to get past, cause the next morning Marcus had his first day at work – which he LOVED, and we started apartment hunting for real. Amazing how action and productivity is so energizing and motivating, isn’t it?

Honestly though, I think one of the things that made me feel loads better right away was the infamous friendliness of the Irish people. It’s all true. I really can’t believe that the Irish aren’t top of the list of the happiest people, cause you’ve GOT to be happy to show that much politeness and happiness around strangers! Or am I just from an incredibly rude country?

So we’re really happy to be here. Thank goodness for Facetime so we can talk to our families all the time otherwise this would probably be a very different story.
We’re moving into our new apartment in just a few days and we’re starting to make some friends here too.

I’d say this could be the beginning of a very exciting chapter of our lives.

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Our first picture in Dublin, lying down on our clean hotel bed after a long morning of traveling. Still smiling!

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The Grand Canal. The water is so clear I wish I had a better camera!

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Uhm, street musicians here are pretty awesome!

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Cockles and mussels! Couldn’t someone have given poor Molly a shawl?

Moving party!

photo (25).jpgYHIt has been a wild weekend full of packing, cleaning, driving, unpacking, car breaking down, laundering, shopping (a LOT), sorting, clogged toilet, little sleep and actually catching a cold.

If you ask me (and I suspect I got this from my mother) if you put ‘party’ behind any task, it becomes FUN! That means a ‘moving party’ will involve loud music, snacks, dancing and laughing! Despite my many attempts to brainwash Marcus with my theory, moving this weekend was not exactly a party. (more…)

Confessions on creative slacking

Just when I felt like I had started to waste less time on my biggest time waster, Facebook, I managed to find a new one. It is Pinterest. Yes, I know Pinterest has been out and popular for a while, but I used to take pride in not engaging in (too many) time wasters (at a time).


It all started last winter when I was having a hard time planning my

wedding. Actually, I had stumbled upon it before then when looking for clothes. But I never stuck around, cause I got frustrated that I couldn’t always find out where I could buy the amazing stuff I had found – I just didn’t understand back then. A friend of mine finally sat me down, pounded my head and made me realize what an amazing tool Pinterest is. I created a “wedding board” and in spite of my totally blank mind, before long, I had a full board growing by the hour. (more…)

Thank goodness for good friends!

Coming to Hawaii was something else. We were dropped off at our new apartment at 6 in the morning. New to the village. New to the island. New to the Pacific even. Far far away from anything familiar. Having travelled from the opposite side of the world we didn’t exactly feel at home at first. So what do you do when you can’t go back home? You bring a bit of home over for a week. (more…)

A blog is born!

Hello world!

What a fun feeling to call out over the internet not knowing how far the sound will reach…

My name is Rebecca and I am a 21 year old Danish girl who recently left her home and country to  marry the guy of her dreams. That guy’s name is Marcus. He swept me off my feet last year and asked me to marry him and come live with him in Sweden. (more…)