The apartment by the train

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Time has flown by and all of a sudden we’ve been Dubliners for six weeks. We’ve passed through the “settling in and buying bare essentials” phase and are now in the “Etsy-shopping for stuff to put on the walls and realizing we only own three different spices” phase. Today I actually bought dried basil without having a specific use for it in mind. I guess this means we’re not moving out any time soon!

It was with a heavy heart that I accepted the fact that we’d have to settle for a one-bedroom apartment this time and not get the two-beds I’d been hoping for. I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like to have an entire room to put toys and baby clothes in, and then to just shut the door and not find myself sitting on The Hungry Caterpillar when I can finally put my feet up in the evening.
But as it usually goes, after the first month the new unfamiliar place that still smells a bit strange has suddenly turned into your home that couldn’t feel more normal. Time heals, and saves money?

So this is our apartment by the train. At least that’s how I imagine we’ll refer to it in the future. It runs right by our building and only reminds us a few times every hour. It’s the topic of many of our conversations each day. And it has an almost magical influence on our daughter! It has the ability to draw away her attention from anything she could be doing, eating, playing, being changed or even crying. It instantly makes her forget time and place. There is only her.. and that train.

Usually I’ll hear it first, a faint building rumble in the distance. It gives me just enough of a head start to turn and watch my daughter’s eyes go blank, grow huge and dart to meet mine. Next will follow the almost unnoticed crash of whatever she dropped to the floor in astonishment. She’ll stick around only long enough to whisper, “toh, toh!” before she’ll run to the window and spend a few silent moments watching the green flash by. Finally she raises her hand, waves and says, “bye-bye” as the train disappears around the corner.

Many many times every day.

I mean, #childhoodunplugged suddenly got a lot more realistic!

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Bye-bye, train!

Herbert Park and back-and-forthsies

It is day 10 in Dublin and we’re still doing good. We’re planning to do an IKEA run this week to get the last essentials and then we’re good to move into our apartment! So the last few days us girls have been nomading back and forth between our hotel room and our apartment. Sleeping, showering and breakfasting at the hotel, then unpacking and cleaning at the apartment the rest of the day.

It’s great that we’ll be able to move into a fully equipped and unpacked home but the lack of routine and her own bed to sleep in, needless to say, Our baby girl’s sleeping habits are all .. non-existent. Yesterday she was lifeless almost until noon so I decided to defy the icy winds and take her to a park to run around.

So we walked to Herbert Park in Ballsbridge. In my opinion so far, Dublin’s parks are one of the nicest features of the city. Although Herbert Park may not be considered one of the old downtown parks it’s still so nice and pretty and clean. We got to run around in the grass and then we went and found a duck pond that was full of so many birds. We were both pretty excited.
After that it was back to our apartment and guess who dozed off before we were even half way.

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Dublin is so greeeeen – in January!!

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Oh and pigeon stalking…

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Nevermind the mismatched socks – we’re still living out of suitcases.

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Dublin: Week 1

My blogging (holiday) hibernation is over and has awakened in DUBLIN IRELAND!

We’ve been here for about a week now and I think we’ve gone from rock bottom to really starting to love it here. The first day was hard – especially for me I think. It’s easy to be excited about moving somewhere new and starting a new life before the actual move, but once we were here I was just hit by this overwhelming realization that we were lost and alone. Neither of us had really been to Ireland before, we knew no one, and didn’t really know much about anything. Oh the loneliness and homesickness. I’ll just say it, I cried myself to sleep that night.

But I found that it was just a phase to get past, cause the next morning Marcus had his first day at work – which he LOVED, and we started apartment hunting for real. Amazing how action and productivity is so energizing and motivating, isn’t it?

Honestly though, I think one of the things that made me feel loads better right away was the infamous friendliness of the Irish people. It’s all true. I really can’t believe that the Irish aren’t top of the list of the happiest people, cause you’ve GOT to be happy to show that much politeness and happiness around strangers! Or am I just from an incredibly rude country?

So we’re really happy to be here. Thank goodness for Facetime so we can talk to our families all the time otherwise this would probably be a very different story.
We’re moving into our new apartment in just a few days and we’re starting to make some friends here too.

I’d say this could be the beginning of a very exciting chapter of our lives.

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Our first picture in Dublin, lying down on our clean hotel bed after a long morning of traveling. Still smiling!

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The Grand Canal. The water is so clear I wish I had a better camera!

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Uhm, street musicians here are pretty awesome!

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Cockles and mussels! Couldn’t someone have given poor Molly a shawl?

We’re moving to Ireland!

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Yep, you heard right. We’re moving again!

I know – why can’t they just settle down already! – right?

Well, Marcus got an amazing job in Dublin and we’re leaving in January. It’s a great career move for him and is with a company that he’ll absolutely love working for. The last couple of months we’ve been on the edge of our seats hoping against hope that we would get this unbelievable opportunity – how often do you get a chance to live in Ireland?
Our first thought when we realized we were going was how much we hate leaving Stockholm. We have such a good life here close to Marcus’ parents. It’s going to be tough being away from family again.

But we feel really good about it and are sure it’s the right thing to do for our family. It’s going to be scary since we don’t know anyone there and since now that we have a daughter we can’t just fill up our three old suitcases and hop on a plane like we usually do. This time it’ll be very different.

Personally, I think it’s the most exciting move we’ll have done so far. I can’t wait to see what Dublin has in store for our little family!

Moving to Sweden!

We’re down to our last week here in Aalborg. Marcus recently got a job in Stockholm, which means that we’re packing our bags yet again and moving our little family back to Sweden.

Yes, I am sad to leave my family and hometown again. I’m going to miss the liberty of spending the day at my parents’ house if I want to.. and Sunday family dinners. It’s been such a blessing – I never thought I’d come back and live here ever again when I left. Especially having my mom close by when I had the baby. For a small student family with next to no money I feel so fortunate that we even had the freedom to choose where we wanted to spend this last year of Marcus’ schooling.

Can I just dedicate an entire paragraph to Danish food? Cause that I will miss – especially pastries and cakes. Nothing against Swedish or even American food, but I realized not until I left Denmark just how much I love some foods here. And I know it’s purely for emotional reasons. It’s just what home tastes like. So, I’m REALLY gonna miss being able to get good cheap pastries at any store anywhere.

Although all of the moving has felt like such a hassel, I can see now that everything has really worked out for the best. I know this move will too. I’m excited to move back to Sweden, I really love Stockholm, and more than anything I’m so excited for Marcus to start his new job. I know he’s so excited to work on his career. These past couple of years have been very humbling and we’ve learned many lessons about how to make do and save money. But I can’t express what a relief it will be to finally be able to really save up money.

I’m gonna feel so grown up sending my man off to work every day! That should be fun! That’s what I tell myself anyway. It’s also been a gigantic blessing that we’ve been able to spend almost every hour of the day together for so long, and especially after the baby came. It’s going to be a huge change to not do everything together anymore. But that’s life and I can only thank my lucky stars that our situation has been so idyllic.

All in all, moving back to Stockholm will be a big turning point for us. It’s not only moving to Sweden, but also moving into a new lifestyle. Exciting times are coming!


We moved again

For our little family it became that time of year once again. That time of year when we pack up our lives and move to a new home. This is only the fifth move since we got married. There should be some sort of record book for this. The longest we’ve stayed in one place was 6 months. The shortest 3,5. 5 apartments. 4 cities. 3 countries. 1 little tiny student family.

You’d think it’d be over soon. But it’s not! We’re only staying in this apartment for 4 months. Another big move coming up this summer! You might also think that we’re getting pretty tired of it. Well, we’re definitely getting there, but it’s still a bit exciting! I like that I don’t know where my life will take me and that I don’t live the same place I’ll be in 40 years. I guess I hope my life will never stop being exciting that way – that we’ll always be working toward the next chapter in our lives. On the other hand, I am beginning to daydream about shopping for plates and curtains and decorating our own home. To have a home that’s ours.

The good thing about not owning much is that it makes it really easy to move quickly. Last week it just took a few car rides back and forth to move our entire lives from one address to another. Moving frequently has really taught me to enjoy having a simple life. I don’t think I’ll ever be a collector. Up until now, the principle has been that if it didn’t fit into three suitcases it didn’t go.

There’s also something wonderful about starting over again once in a while. It’s like New Years Resolutions three times a year. Some of my “resolutions” for this apartment involve getting up earlier and cleaning up before I go to bed. It’s kind of fun fitting into a new life: getting a new local grocery store, new neighbors, new places to go for walks etc…

You also learn a thing or two about what it means to create a home. Especially when the furniture is not your own. I guess for me it doesn’t feel like home till there’s a picture of a temple (preferably the one in Stockholm where we were married) and a picture of Jesus Christ. – I know you might be thinking I’m a little cheesy for saying that… but I’m not. I’m just honest. Well, I guess it’s up to you what you think.

This apartment is like our sixth chance at being the best we can be!



Goodbye Salt Lake, seat bumps and leaving my husband

photo (1)



It was time to take the next trip on the Krylborn Journey of Life. But this time we weren’t taking it together.

Leaving Marcus in Salt Lake wasn’t easy – I talked about my crying craziness just last week – But we decided months ago that it was the best thing to do. I cried a good deal the days leading up to my departure, but not quite enough to ensure that I didn’t break down the morning we left. I wonder if I could have prevented that at all. Probably not. It’s definitely a big help that I’ll be with my family in the meantime, but it just makes it worse to know that he won’t have anyone there with him. Though it’s all a really hard situation, I can’t help but be a little fascinated by the fact that I care about him so much that I worry more about his dealing with it all than my own. It’s really amazing that you can come to really love someone that much in such short time.

photo (3)

My “we’re leaving the apartment” -selfie sent to Marcus who was at work at the time. – Yes, I know what I’m doing. And no, I’m not a huge fan of selfies.

Anyway, again, fortunately, (too many adverbials) my mom was there too to fly home with me. Thank goodness! I can’t imagine what that trip would have been if she hadn’t. And the luck we had! According to our boarding passes it didn’t look like we were seated next to each other on two of our three flights. The one, of course, being our last and shortest flight of only an hour. The kind lady at check-in said there was nothing she could do, so we decided to try our luck asking some of our fellow passengers to swap seats with us.

But when we got on our first flight we were surprised to see that we had been seated next to each other after all! (one of those flights for more intellectual people where seats D and F are actually next to each other) aaand that we were seated in the front row of economy – here meaning that we had all the leg space we could ever dream of!

Our layover in Chicago was only half an hour and was pretty stressful but when we got to the gate we were informed that our seats had been reassigned. She gave us new boarding passes and to our astonishment found that we had been bumped to business class. Oh my goodness! Is it anyone’s dream to get that bump on an overseas flight to Europe (when you’re pregnant and just said goodbye to your husband), or what? We managed to contain ourselves (almost) so the rest of the fancy people wouldn’t know that we weren’t actually part of their gang. I think they may have gotten suspicious with time as it seemed we were the only ones snapping pictures of our food and high-fiving every time we found more “free stuff” stowed at our seats. And as my mom correctly recognized, “this is the only long flight I’ve been on where I’ve heard laughter, there is happiness on this side of the curtain”.


Me looking all fancy-like with my “welcome aboard” drink that was offered to pass time while waiting for take-off. Pretty nifty!

20140617_143050You could basically adjust those seats to any crazy position imaginable.

20140617_155436My appetizer an hour into the flight. And yes, in the background is my own very own tablet with many many movies and shows to keep me entertained.

photo (5)

Breaking all the rules and wearing compression socks in Crocs sandals. Don’t judge me – are YOU pregnant?? Realizing that I for sure didn’t fool anyone on that flight.

photo (6)

Before we knew it we were back in Denmark. It only took me an hour or two before I’d made my mom take me to a bakery to pick up some real danish food.

Folks, I’m home!