What would Pam Beesly do?

4878a9f65d2c51689b4d9e0f217dc402Just a couple of hours ago we finished for the second time in our marriage one of my new favorite shows: The Office.

I have to thank my husband for talking me into watching the show with him. He has a thing for easy-to-watch funny shows, whereas I prefer shows with more of a story and deeper meaning. After watching a couple of episodes I had decided that the humor of The Office was not my cup of tea. Thank goodness that Marcus was so persistent and managed to persuade me to sit through the first two seasons. I must say, it wasn’t easy. And definitely not funny. But after I reached that mark I was sold. And now I love it! (more…)

Moving party!

photo (25).jpgYHIt has been a wild weekend full of packing, cleaning, driving, unpacking, car breaking down, laundering, shopping (a LOT), sorting, clogged toilet, little sleep and actually catching a cold.

If you ask me (and I suspect I got this from my mother) if you put ‘party’ behind any task, it becomes FUN! That means a ‘moving party’ will involve loud music, snacks, dancing and laughing! Despite my many attempts to brainwash Marcus with my theory, moving this weekend was not exactly a party. (more…)

Stolen 30 minutes

photo 1 (6).jpgYHHow on earth we could have gone all of about 6 weeks without going to the beach properly, I do not know. And by properly I mean actually wearing swim suits and getting in the water or at least lying down and enjoying the sun. So I am not counting our “beach walks to the store” or the couple of times I’ve sneaked a run down to the sand on my way home from campus. (more…)

Accomplishment task: Part 1

i-can-do-itYou know those periods when you feel like you aren’t accomplishing anything? When you feel like you’ve gone to bed at least 100 nights in a row thinking “I didn’t get anything done today”. Or at least so many nights that one night you think “I didn’t get anything done this MONTH!”. That’s when you know it’s bad. And in my case that’s sadly when I finally decide to get up and do something about it.

So today I’m gonna accomplish something.

I’m gonna empty my very very full laundry basket. All the way. To the pink bottom.  (more…)

‘Classic’, the fancy word for ‘good’

PicMonkey CollageAt the end of the day, my best inspiration for any post is whatever is on my mind. Tonight it is classics. And what defines classics.

Because today is December 1st we could, with clear conscience, watch our first Christmas movie of the year. I had of course prepared a Pinterest board for this particular occasion. And off we went, scrolling up and down to decide which to watch first. Somewhere during this discussion Marcus popped the question of which was my favorite Christmas movie. I felt a thrill of excitement to plunge into this conversation, but I actually didn’t know where to start. (more…)