A blog is born!

Hello world!

What a fun feeling to call out over the internet not knowing how far the sound will reach…

My name is Rebecca and I am a 21 year old Danish girl who recently left her home and country to  marry the guy of her dreams. That guy’s name is Marcus. He swept me off my feet last year and asked me to marry him and come live with him in Sweden. We were married in March this year and spent our first 6 months together in a small student apartment downtown Stockholm working hard to keep food on the table and to save up to go and spend 8 months in Hawaii where we are now. Here, Marcus is studying business while I am starting my education degree through online studies from a university back home in Sweden.

IMG_1288We live a peaceful life – peaceful because of the small town life and the beach, not because of the mounds of homework – in our little studio apartment. We’re still learning the dos and don’ts of marriage getting through our big and small challenges every day and though it’s not always easy there are very few things an hour at the beach can’t cure… to some extent.