Thank goodness for good friends!

Coming to Hawaii was something else. We were dropped off at our new apartment at 6 in the morning. New to the village. New to the island. New to the Pacific even. Far far away from anything familiar. Having travelled from the opposite side of the world we didn’t exactly feel at home at first. So what do you do when you can’t go back home? You bring a bit of home over for a week.

Emil and Lotta, some of our very best friends from back home, agreed to come visit us as soon as we had announced that we were moving. Emil is one of Marcus’ best childhood friends. He married Lotta last December and as married couples we have spent a lot of good time together. We were happy that they arrived already the day after we did, which helped the transition BIG time! They came with a rental car and Lotta had prepared a long list of sights, restaurants, views and other stuff we had to go see. So we got to be tourists in our new local area.

We traveled up and down the highway visiting places like Sunset Beach and Waimea Beach. At Waimea we got to, along with our new friends Allison and James (Allison’s grandparents have spent years in Sweden and have become really good friends with Marcus’ grandparents – happy coincidence!), jump off cliffs and swim with a sea turtle!

We went to Matsumoto’s in Haleiwa for their highly recommended shave ice – we only stood in line for about 20 minutes!

Another place we went back to a few times (due to Emil’s falling in love with their Cowboy Burger) was a local place 10 minutes up the highway called Kahuku Grill. I personally highly recommend their Coconut Macadamia shrimp! We came back so many times that we even got to have a few chats with the owner. Such a nice guy!

But sadly they couldn’t stay forever, so Emil and Lotta packed up their car and left after a week. As soon as the door shut behind them a feeling sorta like home sickness settled over our little apartment but we felt however much more settled in and at home.

We are very thankful to have such good friends in our lives!