5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM

Lately I’ve had what feels like a wishy-washy period. I’ve been going to school alright, but as it’s online I’ve been getting out of bed kind of whatever time I wanted (kinda), taking a shower an hour before I HAD to leave the apartment and spent most of the day on the couch with the laptop and books. I felt like I needed to get some order into my newly acquired staying at home life.

This afternoon Marcus found this article titled ‘5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM’ in Forbes. You should read it before I continue!

5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM


As the article so truthfully states, “it [morning] is often one of the only quiet times a person gets throughout the day”. My thoughts:

Since before we moved here we had planned out that we were going to work out “properly” and regularly while we were here. With school and the gym’s opening hours that has proved a little more complicated than we first anticipated… unless we get up early and go before school!

Everything wouldn’t have been solved with the whiteboard that we don’t have (as I like to think), but to get rid of that one thing (or 10) that we seem to not get done for the 3rd day (or 50th) in a row we need to sit down and plan our days and jot down what needs to get done. We spend so much time planning our marriage and our future but forget to plan the individual days along the way. Imagine how much one could get done if you tried to scratch as many things on the To Do list as possible every day.

Healthy breakfast.. YES! One that we’ve already got down! I am proud to say that we have a protein shake with fruit and/or veggies every morning, aaaand I can testify that it has made such a difference – especially when you (like me) go to the couch instead of to school every day and need your brain to magically start functioning. Score! What’s next?

Oh yes! Marcus and I had a good discussion on this. It’s so interesting to me that ‘Visualization‘ was one of the 5 things. I mean, of course it makes sense that we, who live in a time where mental illness is just about as common (if not more if taken into consideration the many times a week we feel stressed) as physical illness, should make time to nourish our minds. Whether that is meditating, studying scriptures or other inspirational literature or simply taking time to set goals or reflect on your dreams. Speaking of dreams, aren’t they fueled and ultimately brought to life through pondering?

I love the point of “making your day top heavy“. Since I was a little girl I remember eating the vegetables on my plate before anything else, to get the gross stuff over with and so I could enjoy the good stuff more fully. That was easy when it was just your dinner plate! It got harder… I for one think one of the most addicting feelings we can feel is the feeling of accomplishment. Having something over with. Being able to move onto the next problem (which will always seem miniature afterwards). One thing I learned from speaker and author John Bytheway is the principle of “favorite sins”. If we can name one thing that we like to do, that we shouldn’t or don’t want to be doing  (and we all can, I’m sure), we can chose to focus on quitting just that one habit. Once this is out of our system we can move onto fixing the next problem. What more simple way can there be to improve? and what better way to enjoy that satisfied feeling of accomplishment?

Sometimes, it doesn’t take more than reading a few words in an article to change your habits of life. I’ll leave it there, cause now we’re gonna go to bed so we can get up early tomorrow and get started on these 5 points of wisdom.