When great expectations come true

Marriage is something most little girls (maybe even boys) give a great deal of thought to, growing up. Personally, as a little girl I imagined myself and my future husband when watching romantic Disney movies. I’d draw pictures and play house with my Barbie dolls seeing with my inner eye the pink pink PINK future I had ahead. When I became a teenager that fairytale picture for real became a pattern after which I measured boys around me, taking note to what kind of husband I was looking for. – The song “Gaston” from Beauty and the Beast just started playing on my Spotify playlist…. Coincidence? – With time I grew tired of measuring and eagerly looked forward to the day when I had found him and my life could finally settled down. When I then found the guy, and especially after he asked me to marry him, my mere excitement was coupled with insatiable impatience to finally be wed.

A popular question after the wedding has been “How’s being married?”. Well it so happens that I’ve been thinking about it a bit lately so I’ll sketch it out for you in this post.

The best parts.

My prospect of life being simpler did not come true though. I imagined that once you’re married the endless search for a spouse is over, you know where you’re gonna live and you’ll get educations and full time jobs settled. I was wrong. Being married is in many ways no different than a young adult life… except now you have a buddy to do it with. I even feel like there are more decisions to make. (My parents are going “duh!”). I won’t say either that we have settled down. We are both still in school which has already taken us around the world once and for the first time in my life I’m not sure where else we will have lived within the next 10 years. Nevertheless, instead, living life as an adventure together has become another thing I love about being married

Marrying Marcus has been the best decision I have made in my life. Early in our dating process even, I knew that if I married Marcus I would have a very exciting life. He has always made me feel like anything is possible and that I can accomplish so much more than I think and I knew that our life together would play out accordingly.

Marcus is my very best friend in the whole world. He wasn’t always. And I wouldn’t say that I thought we would click, first off. But after we started dating everything went pretty fast and it was almost magical experiencing the transformation from cute guy to best friend. Only made him cuter! If I thought we were best friends on our wedding day… I had no idea what I had coming. We have acquired awesome married abilities like laughing at the same things and thinking the same things at the same time. So why do I love being married so much? It’s living with your best friend! Nough’ said!


The hard parts

I was married when I was 21 and I think I have grown up a lot while we were still dating and engaged which has helped my decision making and logic thinking. Making decisions together is probably the most fun and hard parts of marriage. Fun because the decisions we make now are part of planning the life for our future family, and hard… for the same reason I guess.

…. are there any other hard parts?

I suppose it is a challenge getting used to living with someone new, let alone getting used to living with someone of the opposite gender. Getting accustomed to each others ups and downs and strengths and weaknesses. Falling into the roles of husband and wife. Getting an everyday cycle going after being used to only hanging out in our free time. On the other hand… that’s pretty fun too…

Who am I kidding.. I love being married! I love having someone to share and do everything with. I love sitting down and setting goals and creating routines that we want to last through our family life. I love deciding how to best complete our educations and find jobs with the attitude that anything is possible. I love it!

I know some of you are wisely shaking your heads at me right now, but bear with me! Our marriage is still newlywed pink and I intend to enjoy and make it last for as long as possible! Marriage rocks!