Life lately – in pictures

Cleaned up in the iPhone gallery. Here’s what’s lately!

photo 1
After almost 2 months of starting the day with protein shakes we decided the time had come for change

photo 3.jpgYH
Watching football, because now we live in the states, with pineapple and aloha soda, because we live in Hawaii

photo 4.jpgYH

photo 3 (1).jpgYH
Blurry, but just had to share Marcus creative idea one night we were gonna have root beer floats and realized we don’t have any big glasses. These are plastic soda bottle bottoms!

photo 1.jpgYH
Getting the Danish numbers down… for good!

Marcus’ new favorite

Becca’s new favorite

photo 2 (1)
Rocking the flip-flop tan at our local Hukilau Beach

photo 2
Not a great picture… but it’s homework… it’s not supposed to be great

photo 2 (2)
One of the many times we look out the window around sunset and are surprised by the pretty sky