Lives changing dreams changing lives


It’s an interesting time of your life, being a newlywed. You go from being single, the room of your future seems huge and hollow with white walls, floor and ceiling. Colorless. You have no idea what kind of images will be put on those white walls. Will they be white? Will the room always feel this hollow or will it be filled with voices of loved ones you haven’t even met yet?

Then you get married. And all of a sudden the room starts to take shape and gets faded shades of color here and there. You notice things popping up that you would’ve never dreamed of before.

Being married to someone who has entrepreneurial classes every week, we often play the ‘Our Wildest Dreams’ game. We talk about where in the world we’d like to live. What kind of house? What cars?… how many cars? How many kids? Where would they go to school? What kind of job would Marcus have?

I have found that I often have a hard time getting started.

“Where would you like to live?”

“I don’t know… Sweden I guess? Close to our families?”

“But if we were rich and you could choose… ANYWHERE?”

“Uhm… ”

It seems that dreams can mean different things to different people. I have often dreamed of becoming a world famous author or being able to speak 17 different languages or opening my own amazing private school. (Once Marcus got me going I even admitted to not minding owning my own little Danish Bakery and being best friends with JK Rowling).

But what is it I really want? No games.

Meeting Marcus changed me. I saw a new potential in my life. I saw doors in that room open to other rooms I had no idea were right here in my future. And my dreams changed too. But they didn’t change to something bigger or wilder like my potential did. They fell apart, only to reveal what was really important to me. A family.

That’s right. In my wildest dream we have a family. We live in our dream home, Marcus has a flexible job, I am a stay at home mom, and we have children. That’s all I want.


I want to be at home with my kids. Suddenly, no career, country, house or adventure seems greener than spending every day in my home changing diapers and doing laundry. That is my dream. That is as happy a life as I can imagine. It’s that simple.

And it makes me happy taking all the small steps leading up to it. What is happier than knowing you are working towards your dream. Doing exactly what you should be doing right now to get there, always working on the next step. That way I’m not sad that I don’t have the house, the kids or the car now. But I am enjoying life right now because I know that I can eventually get there.

– Dang! I’ll encourage anyone to blog or keep a journal just to experience these personal “aha” moments, like I’m feeling right now.

This is how philosophies are born and lives are changed.