Confessions on creative slacking

Just when I felt like I had started to waste less time on my biggest time waster, Facebook, I managed to find a new one. It is Pinterest. Yes, I know Pinterest has been out and popular for a while, but I used to take pride in not engaging in (too many) time wasters (at a time).


It all started last winter when I was having a hard time planning my

wedding. Actually, I had stumbled upon it before then when looking for clothes. But I never stuck around, cause I got frustrated that I couldn’t always find out where I could buy the amazing stuff I had found – I just didn’t understand back then. A friend of mine finally sat me down, pounded my head and made me realize what an amazing tool Pinterest is. I created a “wedding board” and in spite of my totally blank mind, before long, I had a full board growing by the hour.

Today, now that I have my own home, I use it for everything. What to eat this weekend to how to treat my hair to how to make your own cheap Christmas decorations (Sorry! to my Pinterest followers for making your feed look like a holiday window display this morning!! (Bah, Humbug!)). Basically, I have found ideas for anything and everything. It’s amazing.

But what I really love about Pinterest is how it encourages to share each other’s ideas rather than drawing attention to ourselves. Interesting that Pinterest is probably one of the few popular social medias that aren’t as narcissistic, huh?

On Pinterest we don’t snap pictures of ourselves to show the world how hot our life is, but we share to help inspire each other and thereby make others’ lives hotter. Pretty cool when you think about it!

Well that’s my thoughts on that!

If you haven’t converted to Pinterest yet… REPENT, I say!