Raindrops falling on my roof

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I need to introduce you to a Danish word called “hygge”. I will attempt to explain its meaning with the English word “cozy”. “Cozy” on a pillow. In front of a fireplace. Drinking hot chocolate. Wearing thick socks. Having a good time with his friend, “Snug”. Actually it’s maybe if “Snug” and “Cozy” had a baby. And they named it “Hygge”.

– by now, if you’re not Danish, you might be feeling stupid trying to pronounce it in your head. Sorry. I suppose you could pronounce it “hoo-guh”. But not really.

Anyway, “hygge” explains the feeling I get on a rainy day. When I can hear the rain drumming on the window and I bask in the privilege of being under the roof in the warmth of my home. Normally, back at home this would make me get out a blanket, get a warm drink and curl up on the couch.

But here in Hawaii its different. It’s warmer outside than inside, and our furnished apartment doesn’t even have mugs. But it’s wonderful in a different way! It’s Hawaii! It rains here pretty much every day, but usually it stops after 10 minutes! The rain adds to the beauty of the place. The locals even call these light showers “liquid sunshine”. I can’t think of any better description. And they always end with a beautiful rainbow.

A few weeks ago we had a little cheesy movie moment. It was raining pretty heavy outside but the sun was still shining, and Marcus jumped up from the couch, pulled me to my feet and said “let’s go dance in the rain!”. And we did!

And it was magical!

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