My parents know

picture (6).jpgYHI’ve never known my parents as well as I do now. I don’t think I’ve thought “what would my parents do?” as often EVER as I do now. But maybe every new chapter of my life is gonna feels this way. You face unfamiliar challenges and you realize these are tricks your parents learned decades ago. Then you feel stupid. Stupid that you had your entire childhood to learn from them and watch them and ask every single necessary question along the way. But now you’re out. Out of their house, country and continent and your next visit is so far into the future that you haven’t even bothered to schedule it yet. Now I’m left to myself.

* Pause to allow my mother to heave a sigh and smile wisely *

But really. It’s not just knowing that your parents know how to do something before you make your own shaky attempt. It’s even worse when it’s the other way around. When you have the usual Sunday evening Skype call and, in passing, you talk about recent decisions and problems you’ve solved… And your parents fall silent. And you know you did something wrong. You feel like a silly little amateur standing in front of the King and Queen of Marriage. And though you know it’s a lost cause, you frantically try to argue your case by sneakily contradicting yourself. But it doesn’t work.

And this is about when, I hope, the parents realize that their child thinks they’re awesome. Because they are. Mine are.

My Mother is the best home-maker I have ever seen. She is so crafty, she makes the best food in the world and if there’s anything left she can’t sew now, she sure as heck is about to learn how to. And all this she could do before she got married! She moved around the world to marry my dad. She learned the language, adapted the culture and made it her home, despite the grief it sometimes gave her. There hasn’t been one family problem that she hasn’t taken charge of. She is a fighter. For that, she is the strongest person I know.

My Father has the exact qualities that make a perfect dad. He works hard for his family – I mean way beyond the expected amount of Daddy-at-work hours per week. He is humble to the bone and so calm that one of the most scariest things I can think of is seeing my dad angry – or even worse… sad! He is soothing – babies are magically drawn to him! – and there hasn’t yet been the stressful situation that he couldn’t talk me out of. He is the most reasonable person I know. – if Dad says everything is gonna be fine… everything is – going – to – be – FINE!

Together they make such a good team that only God can have been their matchmaker. They make me want to be better. They make me want to be an amazing team mate. They made me want to find my own amazing team mate.  They make me want to make right choices so that I can learn to be as awesome a parent as them.

I owe them everything that I am, and I feel like the only way to attempt to repay them will be to follow their example. Because they know.

And that will be my life long project.

picture (4).jpgYH

I love you Mom and Dad!