Our sympathies to Aloha Kitty

My mommy feelings started tingling when we heard tiny meowing outside the kitchen window. We had noticed the upstairs kids running around outside apparently very excited about something in the yard earlier, so I left the stove to go investigate. I opened our front door and just outside, looking up at me, was this little kitty. She was whining and pacing in sort of an exasperated way, like she’d been calling us for hours and hours. I made a little squealing girly sound and said “Honeeey, come see!!”.

photo 1YH

Soon after we were both crounting on our front patio “oooh”ing and “aaawee”ing as the little baby rubbed her little body against our outstretched hands and flip-flopped feet. I shot a few videos of her in the name of Instagram and we then returned to our now burnt food.

While we were eating we could hear her meowing again and to my great surprise Marcus was the first to break. With a “she’s just a kitten! she’ll never survive!” he filled a bowl with water and stormed out into the darkness. I stared after him in utter adoration. It took me forever to fall asleep that night, listening to the her pleading meows.

photo 2 (2).jpgYHToday, when Marcus and I went to school we found her hiding in a crack behind a box where she had apparently found shelter in the rain. She glared at us with her big eyes. “How could you heartless people do this to me?!”.

A couple of hours later, when class was over, it was raining pitchforks and hammer handles. Feeling tired and hungry, yet young and spontaneous we hurled ourselves into the rain and biked home like mad men.

PicMonkey Collage.jpgYH

A few minutes later, we found ourselves in the exact spot as little Aloha Kitty had been when we found her outside our front door. Wet, shivering, hungry and in need of comfort we chuckled at our situation. We were full of renewed sympathy for our little friend.

Though Aloha Kitty wasn’t there when we came home, we wish you all the best at which ever house you are meowing tonight!