Happy 10th! 10 things that make me feel at home

ff5bc6faab6133a.jpgYHHere goes!

1. Disney movies

I have a circle of childhood friends. They have funny names like Ariel, Alladin, Pongo and Simba and they sing really good songs. They all have the same father. His name is Walt. That man is my hero.

2. Cake

Marcus hadn’t been dating me for a long time, when he first pointed out to me that Danes eat a LOT of cake. I made my tiny figure as tall as possible and exclaimed, “no we don’t!”. Having foolishly spoken rashly, I soon had a challenge supporting my argument. This, especially because I hadn’t lived in Stockholm for more than a few weeks before I started whining that I couldn’t get the cakes I liked in Sweden. To which Marcus simply smiled and sighed “Becca, I love you more than a fat Danish kid loves cake”.

3. Daydreaming

I like to think that I know myself really well. And for that, what is more homey than exploring my own mind and dreams. I won’t lose myself.

4. Songs my Mom sings

I like your eyes (originally by Miss Piggy), Jingle Bell Rock (preferred lullaby in my baby days), Que sera sera (by Doris Day).

5. Jysk

The Danish dialect that any day of the week will make me smile. Jylland!

6. Soccer in Danish

Being the daughter of a devoted soccer fan I have, countless times, fallen asleep listening to Danish soccer commentary. Zzzzzzz….

7. Harry Potter, I must admit

After debating whether or not I should add this, worried that it might affect my rep… and estimating the amount of minutes I will have to endure of Marcus laughing and rolling his eyes… I decided to put it down anyway. Because I try to be an honest person.

I love the Harry Potter books. Deal with it.

– I won’t elaborate, cause – let’s face it – my reputation IS at stake.

8. The smell of our old Toyota Picnic of 1997!

Oh the smell of cars! And oh-oh the smell of my favorite car! This is the car I like to say I learned to drive in, and will forever remain the car I love driving best.

9. Anything my sister says

My sister and I, being 2,5 years apart, are best friends. Together we define better than anyone the meaning of a good sense of humor. That wasn’t a joke.

10. Curling up to fall asleep

Oh, the many times in my life I have been away from home in unpleasant situations… Whether it has been at girls’ camp in a tiny cold and clammy tent, aware that spiders could be lurking in any corner, oooor that first time you plucked up the courage to stay overnight at your friend’s house in 1st grade, oooor going to bed after a really bad day, fighting to keep down the tears… there are few quicker cures than curling up in your bed/sleeping bag and forgetting your surroundings. Zzzzzzz…