That good day

photo 3 (5).jpgYHYes, had a pretty good day today!

We’ve had a few rough moments this week. One of them being Sweden’s kick out of the soccer World Cup. One of us was very sad about that. The other one of us cooked dinner and gave massages.

But bad days just make good days even better.

Today our day began at 11 when the finale of the Great Ideas Competition on campus took place. Marcus competed yesterday by presenting his great idea for a business to judges and last night we got an email that he had been selected for the finale. And what a marvelous job my man did today. So marvelous that he came in first place! A prouder wife was never before seen.

photo 1 (4).jpgYHphoto 3 (6).jpgYH

That afternoon we made our trip to the grocery store fun by walking it on the beach. Yes, we can indeed walk to the store (almost all the way) on a beach. And the weather was absolutely amazing! I’m not the kind of person that enjoys hot weather + humidity, but now that we are nearing winter, it has cooled down a tiny bit, and it is simply… swell!

photo 2 (3).jpgYHphoto 4 (5).jpgYH

It is never a good idea to wait till you’re in the store to decide what to have for dinner. Within a week we have come home with this cheap box of orange chicken.

photo 2 (4).jpgYH

Love me some orange chicken!

Oh and we had dinner early! Early dinner means long relaxing night on the couch with my hub.

Yes, our life feels pretty nice right now (: