Happiness is Thankfulness


In 2005 a study was made on the causes of happiness. Part of this study was based on a questionnaire in which 577 people participated. The participants were divided into groups to each test a different method of generating happiness. The results of this test showed that the group that was to test the method of practicing gratitude, easily experienced the highest immediate effect. The exact task that they had was to write a letter of gratitude to an important person in their lives and then deliver the letter.

This year in July, one of my favorite Youtube channels, SoulPancake, made a video, demonstrating the same test. PLEASE take the 7 minutes to watch it. It’s really good!

Interesting, huh?

You know how the most common answer to “What is Happiness?” is ‘love’? But it’s not simply love. It is showing love. Showing gratitude and appreciation and seeing it make others feel loved. Isn’t that neat?

Well… I’m not feeling particularly down today, but I’ll not say no to feeling a teeny bit happier if it’s that simple!

I’m not gonna bring out the hankie and start declaring my deepest feelings to individuals here. That won’t work. Needs to be personal.

But I would like say thanks to YOU for reading this. And I’m not just saying that for the sake of writing a touching blog post. I really mean it.

I absolutely love writing and this blog is my baby. And it means so much to have people who faithfully read what I have to say. I did NOT expect to have this many returning readers after just two months. And I have statistics. So I know the numbers. Thank you for taking the minutes to read what I post. Thank you for showing it by liking the Facebook page and leaving your own comments. Thank you for letting me feel like I’m not wasting my time and that this wasn’t just a stupid hobby to pick up.

In Danish there is a saying of stopping while the game is still fun, and likewise I will stop before this goes overboard with cheesiness. Again, thank you!

But please don’t just smile and think “awe that was nice” and go back to Facebooking. Share what you learned. Apply it. And more importantly – show it! Write a quick message to that person you haven’t talked to for years or someone you haven’t thanked properly or just someone who makes you happy for some reason.    {Tip: Facebook makes it real easy!}

So that on Thursday when someone asks “what are you thankful for?” the first thing to pop into your mind won’t be Thanksgiving dinner.