The week before the magic

photo 2 (5).jpgYHOne of the most magical times of the year for me is the last week of November. It’s the week before glorious Christmas starts, but I think there’s something almost addicting about the suspense of being so very close, but not entiiiirely there yet. It’s the week you wish you could rewind time back to when you wake up the morning of January 1st, when the magic is over, not to return for another year.

My loving husband won an extra gold star last Sunday when he, with a twinkle in his eye, told me it was okay with him if I started listening to Christmas music a little earlier this year. Oh joy! Good thing I’d already prepared my 90 tracks Spotify Christmas playlist!

Also, it hasn’t been the best week healthwise in the Krylborn household. It began when Marcus went to play soccer with some guys on campus Friday night. It ended badly, as I was fetched from my piano jamming (first in like… 4 months!) to find Marcus lying on the side of the field with a swollen ankle. I had only been pressing ice against it for 10 minutes when it started to rain. There was no way I was gonna get him all the way home on his bike. Thank goodness for that one of Marcus’ fellow players who immediately ran home to his apartment, asked his wife for the car keys and pulled up on the side of the road offering to take Marcus home. Help is never as good as in the situation when you feel absolutely helpless. I felt humbled. Thank you!photo (15).jpgYH

So, we spent the weekend barricaded up in the apartment. By the time Marcus could limp around a bit the bug bites I had noticed on my leg about a week earlier were now pretty red and itchy. I googled them and learned that they resembled spider bites. Yikes! Not in Scandinavia no more!

We also had a good Thanksgiving. Our friends James and Allison were so nice to invite us for an evening with a group of their friends. We were assigned to ‘veggie side dish’. Fortunately, my mom had just recommended a good recipe, by a fellow blogger, for corn confetti that I decided to try. Twas delish!

Recovering from the previous night’s feast we spent Friday on the couch with Netflix, only interrupted by our running to the theatre to watch Catching Fire, which was not bad at all for a film adaption. Though I must say, it is sad that unlike the book, the movie kinda makes you want Katniss to end up with Gayle after all. Not that Josh Hutcherson isn’t good looking, but doesn’t Jennifer Lawrence just seem a little too old for him? Or is it because there is just absolutely no spark between them? I guess there isn’t supposed to be a lot of spark… but how then did the Suzanne Collins convince me that there was? I don’t know… Still a great show though. The second book was my favorite. The arena in this one is pretty rad! Watch it! Or read it! I can’t ever decide which is best… reading the book first and getting disappointed by the movie, but feeling smart and nerdy knowing what’s going on, oooor watching the movie first then enjoying the awesomeness of the book. But maybe you don’t always feel there’s a need to read the book after watching the movie? I think the best way is to not do the film adaption at all. Unless I do it myself.

Enough rambling.

So now I’m ready to embrace all the merrily goodness of Christmas!! Got the first stuff to start decorating the apartment. But more on that later…

Enjoy the last days of suspense!photo 1 (5).jpgYH