Accomplishment task: Part 1

i-can-do-itYou know those periods when you feel like you aren’t accomplishing anything? When you feel like you’ve gone to bed at least 100 nights in a row thinking “I didn’t get anything done today”. Or at least so many nights that one night you think “I didn’t get anything done this MONTH!”. That’s when you know it’s bad. And in my case that’s sadly when I finally decide to get up and do something about it.

So today I’m gonna accomplish something.

I’m gonna empty my very very full laundry basket. All the way. To the pink bottom. 

I know it may seem a small task, a laundry basket for only two people. But it becomes quite a bigger task when the nearest laundromat is 1km away and all you have to transport your laundry with is your bike and bike basket. Oh, and you only have one teeny tiny drying rack.

But nevertheless! It can be done. And I will do it. Yes… will. Cause I will follow up this post with another, telling how it went and whether or not I managed it.

I realize this may sound like I never do ANYTHING and certainly not laundry. I do actually. But boy is it gonna make me feel good anyway!

Here I go!