Stolen 30 minutes

photo 1 (6).jpgYHHow on earth we could have gone all of about 6 weeks without going to the beach properly, I do not know. And by properly I mean actually wearing swim suits and getting in the water or at least lying down and enjoying the sun. So I am not counting our “beach walks to the store” or the couple of times I’ve sneaked a run down to the sand on my way home from campus.

But we’ve really not had time for so long. There has just always been something better to do. And of course there always is. Even when you live literally 50m from the beach.

We didn’t have time today either. But we went anyway. Just half an hour. And it was a very spontaneous move. We got back from school, stormed inside, changed clothes and left.

And how glorious it was!photo 2 (7).jpgYH

It just means a lot to be able to steal away from the finals studying and recharge. It’s amazing. There is no ice cream or batch of Devil’s Food Cake in the world that can match the relief.

I don’t think we have ever managed a trip to the beach without having the “count your blessings” –talk. It’s impossible being in that clear turquoise water and look around without feeling humbled. Is there anywhere in the world that is more perfect to be spending stressful school years and more importantly your first years of marriage when you’re still learning what is up and down in a relationship? We are just so lucky. I don’t even know what to 3 (7).jpgYH

So lucky!