The best trick for delicious Hawaiian pizza revealed!

l.jpgYHSo here is the one thing I will forever do when I make Hawaiian pizza.
This trick was brought to my family years ago by a young man that my Mom had invited into the comfort of our home for Christmas Eve. He was from the states and was only staying in the area for a short while. As a teenager he had worked at a pizza joint and so he had a lot of interesting tricks to show us transfixed kids. – oh, come to think of it… This was a different night… surely we would not have been making pizza on Christmas Eve. But he did also came for Christmas!
Anyway. Just as we were about to stick the pizzas in the oven, he said, “Actually! Do you know what would make the pizza even better?”. Cause we were in fact making Hawaiian pizzas – as we always did – and always have since. “Let me show you a trick I learned at the pizzeria!”.
Now, there have been different opinions about this special trick. Even within our family. I suppose we all have different tastes of course. But this one is for the ones of us who like things juicy and a little sweet. Not overboard but just a little more to really expose the flavors. – I actually haven’t tried it on Marcus yet, so it is yet to be revealed whether we will be making two different pizzas in our family in the future.
So the trick! The trick is to – as a finishing touch, just before you put your Hawaiian pizza in the oven – sprinkle it with brown sugar!
That’s it!
The brown sugar will melt while the pizza is baking and will settle as a super thin glaze to bring out the sweetness of the ham and pineapple. It will taste like you never thought pizza could. It is pretty darn good I say!
As my dear husband has pointed out to me on several occasions, it sounds weird to sprinkle brown sugar all over your pizza. But he hasn’t tried it yet. And I’m guessing, neither have you, since you’re reading this. – if you however have, and you’re just reading this post to be nice… Thanks!
Try it! You’re probably gonna make pizza soon anyway, right? 🙂