Pick a RB, any RB

photo 1 (8).jpgYH

For weeks we had talked about doing this, we figured there must be a clear answer, and last weekend we finally did it.

Being buried in school work we thought we needed something to spark some excitement back into our heavy-ladened heads. So we decided to finally do… the ultimate test: which Root Beer is best!?

Okay, first some background story… so Marcus and I are pale Europeans. To those of you who are unfamiliar, Europe is this Root Beer forsaken place where the drink is so scarce and expensive that the few people who have tasted it usually only enjoy it on rare occasions.

Marcus and I are such Root Beer lovers. And I will not lie, we have had a lot since we came here. A lot is an understatement. We love Root Beer.

I’ve grown up in a half American home and for as long as I can remember my mom has made home-made Root Beer for movie nights. And so, when I was later exposed to different Root Beer brands, I was unbiased and impartial.

Woa!! Just now..! Like 5 minutes ago… the biggest cockroach yet to roam this Earth revealed itself on our kitchen floor.

And we just ran out of bug spray like yesterday!

Marcus flip-flopped it!

There was black smudge everywhere.

I cleaned the flip-flop. It was nasty.

Ugh..! Shake it off!

Where was I…

Ah yes. Our contest has three champions, A&W, Mug by Pepse and Barq’s by Coca-Cola. Frankly, I’m not sure why we included Barq’s in the first place, cause there’s no competition. Compared to the others, in all honesty, Barq’s sucks. Maybe we just added it to see how fast we would be able to detect the less than qualified taste of what so disgracefully calls itself Root Beer. (Okay that was pretty harsh. I just don’t really like Barq’s). A&W and Mug are both very worthy competitors. Immediately I prefer, and I think Marcus agrees, Mug, but we have both found that after a few weeks we actually get a little Mugged out and feel more like A&W.

So! The test! Which do we reeeaally prefer? Will we be able to sort out the rat? *cough*Barq’s! Let’s find out!

I was up first. I tasted all three of them. The first was sweet. I put it down. The last two seemed similar in many ways but, alas, one had an odd twisted smell to it. Aha! The rat! Out of the game. I decided the third was the winner. And due to it being the least sweet I guessed it to be A&W. But! I was wrong.

According to the test I am a Mug girl!photo 2 (9).jpgYH

Next was Marcus. Smart as he is,, he easily pointed in turn to each of the glasses, “Mug, Barq’s, A&W. I prefer A&W”.

And that was that. Mug girl and A&W dude. Doomed to forever have two different bottles in our fridge.

Well now that’s sorted…! photo (19).jpgYH