Finding Christmas Spirit

photo 1 (10).jpgYHAnyone of my family members will tell you that I am a sucker for Christmas. So much of a sucker that I am known to get really annoying every year the last weeks of November, when I try to persuade the family to start Christmas a liiiiittle earlier. Making sure the Christmas decorations are up as early as possible is my top priority. It turns out things are a little different when you’re in your own house. Not to mention when that house is on the other side of the world.

I never thought I’d have a hard time finding Christmas spirit. But when you’re used to cold weather, maybe even snow, hot chocolate, cookies, scarves and boots, all the stores Christmasing up weeks in advance… and cold weather! then it’s suddenly a job to remember it’s December.

So today, now that school took a chill pill for a few weeks, we decided to make an extra effort for Christmas.

First we enjoyed church, full of Christmas songs and musical performances.  photo 1 (9).jpgYH

Oh! and after church (and our Sunday nap, awesome) my dear husband concocted a Mexican soup full of meat, beans, veggies and clear conscience. Mmmmh!! After that I worked a little more on Project Decorate Apartment…….. didn’t finish…….

photo 2 (11).jpgYHTheeeen we went to attend a Christmas concert at the Laie Temple’s Visitor’s Center, where we really got our Christmas spirit on, listening to local talents perform. It made me think of the million times I’ve performed at similar recitals. I still feel misplaced sitting in the audience at concerts like these. The concert was beautiful and was symbolically at the feet of Jesus 2 (10).jpgYH

When the concert was about over we went outside to enjoy the last of the music walking the temple grounds. The exterior of the temple is made partly from coral and is so beautiful and sparkly, especially after dark when the stars are out. This picture doesn’t do it 4 (6).jpgYH

I always want to finish the Grinch’s sentence, “Maybe Christmas, he thought… doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps… means a little bit more!” … yes it does! We always say that Christmas spirit is of giving and being kind and caring for others. Why are we too proud to say it as it is, that Christmas spirit is found in being like Christ? That Christmas spirit IS the spirit of Christ. That’s what I took away from today.