Decorating for Christmas on a tight budget

photo 2 (15).jpgYHI made it! I managed to finish decorating our tiny apartment before December 20th. So embarrassing. Only I didn’t get it on the blog till now. But I’ll share the footage for my trouble anyway. To be honest I’m a little proud of the result. It’s complicated being a Christmasholic on a newlywed budget living an hour away from the nearest city knowing that anything Christmasy you buy, you’ll have to drag back around the world eventually. But little by little I rounded up some cheap materials and with a little help from my dearest friend Pinterest I got a few good ideas. 

Anyone local who walks into our apartment I’m sure would recognize most of our decorations from the local grocery store. That’s where I got the ribbon and scented pine cones to create a nifty little decoration on our fan to spread the cinamonny smell of Christmas around the room. It actually works! photo 2 (14).jpgYH

I also used ribbon for decorating the kitchen cupboards. Real quick. photo 5 (2).jpgYH

aaaand, one of my favorites – wrapping up pictures all fancy so it looks like you have Christmas presents on your walls! Yes, that’s also ribbon on the lamp…photo 1 (12).jpgYH

In the name of romance Marcus came home from the store one day and surprised me (he knows how excited I get about stuff like this) with cheap Christmas lights and a pretty star to hang in the 1 (13).jpgYH

And last but not least is the tiniest little Christmas tree I have ever had and sadly for the price of what a full sized tree would cast back home. But I like to think of it as a happy little premature tree that got to be a Christmas tree surprisingly early in its life. It came in a pot, so I’m considering trying to keep it alive for next Christmas too. It’ll be the happiest Christmas tree ever! Yes.. that’s more ribbon on 3 (11).jpgYH

So bring on Christmas, I’m ready!! Now I’m gonna turn on all the pretty lights, close the windows, crawl under a blanket, make some hot chocolate and pretend with all my might that there are no palm trees just outside and that I’m back in a snowy part of the world.