Mele Kalikimaka, our Christmas in Hawaii

melekalikimakaThat was Christmas! That went by fast. Once again. So, I figured I would write a quick picture-post to recap what has been going on with us this Christmas, but according to Marcus I have already spent way too long just going through the pictures. So let me just tell you about these last fooour days? yes, four days… through the pictures from our phones 🙂

Okay, the first Christmas after getting married proved to be a little intimidating. Especially when you and your spouse are from two different countries – living in a third country – and your husband is like ‘uhm.. I actually prefer Danish Christmas food’, meaning: Christmas dinner is on my shoulders.

It turned out to be not so scary though. After our first trip to Costco we decided how much effort we wanted to put into hunting down all of the non-native ingredients – not very much. So we decided on turkey, mashed potatoes instead of simple boiled potatoes (preference of Marcus) and I chose my favorite part of Danish Christmas dinner, browned potatoes, which are basically small caramelized potatoes. Well, our little effort resulted in us not finding small potatoes, so I went for canned diced potatoes instead… After much tribulation it worked! I was so happy!
photo 4 (10).jpgYHAnd for this special evening we got the fancy Root Beer that Marcus had been staring down at the store for four months.

photo 3 (14).jpgYHphoto 1 (17).jpgYHThis is our Christmas Eve ‘hygge’ scenario. Marcus showed once again how much he loves me by buying a 1000 -piece puzzle for us to do that night. Though he lost interest pretty fast he has been very sweet by allowing me my puzzle time every day since.

photo 2 (20).jpgYHPicMonkey Collage.jpgd.jpgYHNext morning we had an unforgettable Christmas Morning watching the sunrise from a local beach just south of Laie. Though it was a little cloudier than we hoped it was still pretty incredible!

photo 1 (15).jpgYHAaaaand after a long day of classic Netflix we drove up to Sunset Beach to watch the.. sunset! This was absolutely breathtaking!! The waves this time of year are huge and the sun goes down just around the peak on the west end of the beach. So gorgeous! Have to go up there again this week!

photo 3 (13).jpgYHphoto 2 (17).jpgYH


On the way home we stopped at BYU campus to finally take some shots of their Christmas lights.

photo 2 (18).jpgYH

photo 1 (16).jpgYH

Yesterday was our long-awaited trip to Honolulu. Or to be more specific.. the Cheesecake Factory! I’m pretty in love with this place.. and more so for the food – bread and sweet potato fries – than the cheesecakes. We went cheap and shared a sandwich, buuut we DID get a big side of sweet potato fries. Mmmmmm-mm!

photo 5 (5).jpgYHStopped by Waikiki real quick of course…

photo 2 (16).jpgYHAnd then the most awesome thing happened. We saw this sign! Now I can stay in Hawaii the rest of my days!

photo 1 (14).jpgYHWe window shopped the post-Christmas sales and came home with this magnificent box. Merry Christmas, Marcus and Rebecca!

photo 4 (8).jpgYHphoto 5 (3).jpgYHBasically, our Christmas holidays were unbelievably sweet this year.

Today? Oh today we hung out at one of the world’s top 10 beaches. The gem of Oahu. Lanikai Beach.

photo (21).jpgYH