The rest of the Holidays in pictures

driving_on_oahu-(25).jpgYHWe’ve already had our rental car for two weeks. It’s gone so fast – we got a little too used to being able to transport ourselves too fast. But we’ve had an amazing time. The driving has been amazing in itself! I love driving so much! Though I have to admit driving automatic is just not the same as driving stick. I feel like I’m the only person in the world who can possibly think that driving automatic is harder. I black out every time I have to shift the gears – is that what you say in an automatic? And I can’t wrap my head around driving with just one foot. Why make it so simple when it could be nice and complicated, right?

This week we’ve visited a handful of beaches. First off was Waimea Beach on the North Shore. We both really like this beach because of the little bay it’s in, the big rock you can jump from (Marcus), the cozy little church tower out in the distance and last time we were here Marcus saw a sea turtle.

photo 1 (18).jpgYHThe day we were there the winter waves were going pretty crazy though. So crazy that once in a while, life guards would yell over the speakers that parents should get their small children away from the water line. I was too chicken to get in the water, but Marcus took a dive under the big waves.

photo 2 (21).jpgYHThis next picture is from Waimea Valley across the street. Beautiful Hawaiian nature!

photo 3 (16).jpgYHAnother beach we’ve visited a few times is at the Turtle Bay Resort, also on the North Shore. We’ve mostly spent time here, because it is close, the touristy vibe makes us feel like we’re really on holiday and the water is calm enough to swim. Like actually swim.

Here we are enjoying some pretty awesome cold Root Beer.

photo 2 (22).jpgYHA few days ago we went for a good long evening drive to catch the sunset on the beach at the J.W. Marriott in Ko Olina on the south-west coast. We had heard from friends that sunsets down there were absolutely priceless – postcard worthy! And it was! Absolutely breathtaking!

photo 3 (17).jpgYHAfter that we decided on having a date night in Honolulu… which took us to the Cheesecake Factory. We spent a good hour and a half waiting outside for a table. Thank goodness for Netflix on the phone and wi-fi from the Apple Store!

photo (22).jpgYHOh! The peak of this week was probably finally trying Acai Bowls in Haleiwa. This is a Hawaiian fruity, desserty, snacky dish with acai sorbet, granola, fresh fruit, honey and coconut flakes. Soooo good! Mark my words! We’re bringing this to Scandinavia! Or at least I’m gonna try making this at home. Amazing! For sure gonna try stopping by there again. Soon.

photo 4 (12).jpgYHphoto 1 (20).jpgYHphoto 2 (23).jpgYH


Oh and this is Ted’s Bakery. Famous for the best pies on the North Shore.

photo 5 (6).jpgYH

Oh and happy new year!

photo 1 (19).jpgYH