Moving party!

photo (25).jpgYHIt has been a wild weekend full of packing, cleaning, driving, unpacking, car breaking down, laundering, shopping (a LOT), sorting, clogged toilet, little sleep and actually catching a cold.

If you ask me (and I suspect I got this from my mother) if you put ‘party’ behind any task, it becomes FUN! That means a ‘moving party’ will involve loud music, snacks, dancing and laughing! Despite my many attempts to brainwash Marcus with my theory, moving this weekend was not exactly a party.

A few days ago we finally got to move into a small apartment on campus. As there isn’t room for everyone, we have had to live off campus for the first semester while we waited in line. But now we could finally walk through the doors of our new on-campus one-room apartment just a few minutes walk from Marcus’ classrooms, a big 24/7 laundry room and church. Sweet!

Only downsides are that we’ll miss our old very nice studio (with a garbage disposal) and that we’re now all of a 10 minute bike ride from our beach. Otherwise it’s quite lovely. One of my favorite features is the deep blue hotel’ish carpet. Marcus isn’t a fan, but I’ve grown up in houses with carpets and it simply feels more homey, feeling softness under your feet when you get out of bed in the morning.

Marcus and I have talked a bit lately about trials and whether or not it’s true that each family is hit by a certain different kind of challenges and whether we should be expecting the floods. We concluded that this is probably not the case and that it is sad to live your life curled up under the table. Instead we should just go forth and aim high… and be happy! This last weekend though, ironically, we have been pelted with problems big and small. At least a month’s worth. For older and more experienced couples I’m sure cars that won’t start, late night clogged toilets and the like, aren’t huge problems. But we chose to characterize them as newlywed problems. The kind that makes me feel like the young inexperienced 21 year old I am. I guess, it seemed like a huge trial especially because all the problems showed their ugly faces within 48 hours of each other .. and on the two days we were moving.

On the other hand, these are the kind of challenges that feel like problems, mainly because you don’t have a lot of experience dealing with them. That said, they’re probably also the kind of problems that you learn from the fastest. At least now I know exactly where to start and what to try first next time our toilet is clogged. — pleeeeasee let that not be tomorrow, though!

Otherwise everything is pretty awesome. In a way, I guess, I’m pretty happy that all of the craziness happened this weekend. Because this weekend has had some pretty awesome parts too. It has just been fun!

I love moving! New beginnings! I’ve moved three times this last year (two of the moves being international) and I still can’t help getting a little tingly and excited when it’s time to pack up and move again. I guess I just love working hard to making a place feel homey. And I love it even more when it works! Most of all I guess I love rediscovering that no matter where I am, as long as I am with Marcus, I can feel at home.


We will miss this cute little 4 (16).jpgYH

This picture means a lot to us. This is the only spoon in the apartment (we bought plastic ones). It caused some dispute our first weeks here when we fought over it. But soon I surrendered it to Marcus as it is a teeny bit too big for my tiny mouth… It has served us well… scooped a lot of ice cream. Adieu. photo 3 (18).jpgYH

Hello new apartment!photo (23).jpgYH

This little guy was there to welcome us. He stayed in the sink all afternoon. Even when Marcus turned on the 1 (21).jpgYH

Basket ball game! When the worst of the moving madness was over! photo 5 (7).jpgYH

And finally, today’s apartment improvement (small steps). Found this picture displaying 1 Corinthians 13 in both English and Hawaiian – really beautiful. The small pictures around it are simple post cards. Keeping it cheap. photo 2 (26).jpgYHphoto 1 (22).jpgYH