A house of order

photo 3 (19).jpgYHI’ve always had mixed feelings about New Years resolutions. I guess it’s because every year when I’m forced to consider it and I ask myself what I want different this year, it’s never something simple and specific but more the feeling of simply wanting to be better. I just make better decisions and simply have more control over my life.
I suppose I just want to live my life in such a way that I’ll never need to have specific resolutions. That I will never have that one problem, so big, that I feel that I need to just focus on ‘it’ all year. I guess that’s a good resolution for me. To never let myself create the bigger problems so I can always just focus on refining myself.

Of course the refining part may also have its specific parts. And that’s fine. But the resolution should be the main idea of being better, so that everything isn’t lost the minute you fail to accomplish the specifics.

This type of resolution will also never be too big of a mouthful. You’ll never feel like you can’t do it.

Maybe, instead of focusing on all of the regrettable things that happened last year and the problems you need to fix, pretend that at 12 o’clock New Years Eve you’re the best version of yourself and decide to on maintain it all year. Like after moving into a new apartment when everything is in its place, all the dishes are clean and in their cupboards, all the t-shirts folded neatly in their drawer, all the shoes are neatly lined up… and you collapse onto the couch and swear to yourself that you’re never gonna let it get messy, dirty or out of order. photo 2 (27).jpgYH It’s just all about setting expectations rather than restrictions. It’s way less fun to disappoint than to cheat.

And one last thing. As cliché as it is… it is okay to make resolutions even though it’s not New Years Eve. It’s only the second week of January still! The worst ever miscommunication must be that it’s okay to wait till next January 1st to resume self-improvement.

My mom taught me by example the importance of being a doer. Thank you mom! Being a doer means seizing opportunities. I don’t know if you can count how many tiny opportunities there are in one day, but if you think of how many different outcomes one day could have… there are quite a few. In other words, we have thousands and thousands of opportunities to improve every single day! Then why on Earth wait 365 days to start trying again?

Is it just me?

photo 1 (23).jpgYH